Manage travel and expenses with ease for consulting firms

Experience the full T&E solution with Aspire – encompassing cards, budgets, expense management, and streamlined reimbursements
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All-in-one platform to keep your team’s spend under control

Easy for everyone

Aspire is tailored for today's workforce, catering to travelers, travel managers, accountants, and executives alike

Real-time control

Effortlessly monitor all spending across cards and claims in real-time. Ensure in-policy spending with built-in controls to keep expense in check

Automate reconciliation

Eliminate manual admin for the entire team with centralised software and powerful accounting automation that drastically streamlines expenses
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Issue corporate cards instantly

  • Issue unlimited virtual cards for every use case, employee or project to keep finances organised
  • Keep card spend in policy with adjustable spend limits and merchant locks
  • Save on FX fees and earn unlimited 0.5% cashback on qualified digital marketing and SaaS spend
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming out-of-pocket reimbursements

Keep spending organised with budgets and spend policies

  • Enable tighter control by creating budgets at the client, project, or team level
  • Budget owners can add budget members to manage spending within their own teams or projects
  • Ensure compliance with spend limits and gain real-time visibility into all employee expenses
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Make claims painless for the entire team

  • Submit, review, approve, and disburse claims from one dashboard
  • Employees can submit claims in seconds by scanning receipts via the Aspire app. No more missing receipts
  • Customize multi-level approval flows based on spend policies for easy reviewing
  • Pay reimbursements directly from your Aspire account so employees get paid faster
  • Manage claims alongside other expenses in a centralized platform. No reconciliation required
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Close your books 2x faster with accounting automations

  • Reduce manual errors and save hundreds of hours with native integrations and smart data recognition technology
  • Eliminate receipt chasing with automated receipt requests
  • Sync card payments, employee claims and even photos of uploaded receipts with Xero with the click of a button
  • Always be audit-ready with powerful integrations to your accounting software
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How Loop Marketing Group Stays Ahead of Client Ad Spends with Aspire Cards

“We work with large budgets and multiple subscriptions on a daily basis. Keeping these figures in check are important for us to achieve our client’s goals. Aspire has been a game changer! Embracing automation has amped up our speed, allowing us to launch more campaigns in less time. We even gained savings via Aspire’s cash back!”
- Christine Lim -
co-founder of Loop Marketing Group


Can Aspire's corporate cards be customized to cater to the specific needs of consulting teams on the go?

Yes, Aspire's corporate cards are highly customizable. Consulting teams can benefit from tailored spending limits, travel-centric perks, and real-time transaction tracking, ensuring that the cards meet the unique requirements of professionals on the move.

How does Aspire help consulting companies enforce expense policies and approvals for travel expenses?

Aspire streamlines the claims and approval process, allowing consulting companies to establish and enforce expense policies seamlessly. Customizable approval workflows ensure compliance with company policies and industry regulations.

What are Aspire Corporate Card FX rates?

At Aspire, we want you to pay the lowest rates in the market.
- Zero card activation fees
- Zero card transaction fees
- Best FX rates, up to 2x cheaper than banks

How does Aspire support budget management for consulting projects and travel expenses?

Aspire's platform offers sophisticated budget controls that consulting companies can adapt to project-specific needs. This includes setting project budgets, tracking expenditures, and receiving real-time insights to ensure that expenses align with project goals.

Is Aspire's platform scalable for consulting companies of varying sizes?

Yes, Aspire's platform is scalable and caters to consulting companies of all sizes. Whether you're a boutique consultancy or a larger firm, the platform's features can be adapted to meet your specific travel and expense management needs.