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Automate your entire accounts payables process

From approvals to payments, do it all with payables automation. Reduce errors, and get more visibility and control over your cashflows
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Better workflow, better cashflow

Reduce manual work & errors

Reduce data entry errors. Send payables invoices via email, and they’re automatically added to your dashboard

Get more control & visibility

Customise approval flows to get signoffs on payables. No more chasing management. It’s all done in-app

Improve your cashflow

Get visibility on upcoming payments & schedule to pay on the due date. Use credit to boost cashflow when required
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Submit bills via an easy to use payables dashboard

Submit invoices by forwarding an email or uploading a picture.
Save time and reduce errors with automated OCR and bill capture technology.
Empower teams across the organisation to submit payables invoices for approval and payment on the platform.
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Your central repository for all things payables

Upload payables invoices to Aspire, to always have a digital copy of all invoices in one place.
Access transaction receipts once the payment is done.
Get visibility on all your upcoming cashflows from a single dashboard.
Sync each detail with your accounting software. Be ready and tax-compliant when it comes to tax season.
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Bulk and scheduled payments in sync with all your payables

Make payouts directly from the same approval platform.
Optimise cashflow with smart scheduled payments, based on due dates.
Easily disburse thousands of invoices in one go, with custom CSV imports.
Get real-time notifications when payments are made.
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Built-in and streamlined approval workflows

Assign up to 3 levels of approvals for each payables invoice.
Exempt payables invoices below a certain amount from approval process.
Configure invoice approvals and payment approvals, and assign different approvers for each.
Get full visibility with a trail of supporting documents as well as submitter and approver details.
Save time following up for approvals with automated notifications and reminders.
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Keep bills in check with real, enforceable budgets

Set preset budgets on cards at project, client or team level.
Assign budget owners who can manage spending within their own teams.
Get real-time visibility and notifications on budget spent at any point. Dig in to understand where the money was spent, and by whom.
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Scaler faster by paying for invoices with Advance Transfers

Use Advance Transfers to pay your payable invoices and improve cashflow. Grow now, pay later.
Get your advance limit in a currency of your choice - SGD, USD, EUR, THB, VND and many more. Say good bye to FX charges.
Power your payables with 51 days of interest-free extended payment terms.
No need to top up, or set aside cash. Settle outstanding amounts via monthly invoices.
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Comprehensive payables and accounting integrations

Sync every single detail - including payables categories as well as the image of the invoice with your accounting software.
Enjoy strong accounting integrations with Jurnal, Xero, Quickbooks, Oracle Netsuite, Deskera and myob.
Your payable invoices and payments all in one place.