Streamlined approval policies that actually work

Say goodbye to out-of-policy spend with approval flows and spend limits.

Control spend before it happens

Policy made good

Set it up once, and watch it work. Utilise user permissions, spend limits, and merchant locks to keep policy in line.

Scale organisational finance

Decentralise your business processes by setting different approvers for different budgets, projects and amounts.

Move faster

Give your business operators ownership of their budgets so they can move faster without the red tape.
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Manage approvals with advanced user permissions

Set different approvers for different budgets, projects or payments.  Scale faster and empower each team member with the ability to make claims, request cards and manage budgets.
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Save time and improve accuracy with maker-checker

Save time and streamline workflows by sending to approvers only what they need to review. Approvers can opt to get notified in real-time, and approve transactions at their fingertips.
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Set recurring spend limits on budgets, cards or transfers

Control spend against your budgets with built-in monthly limits. View expenses in real-time and get notified when you’re reaching your limit. Where needed, edit limits at anytime.
corporate card for startups

Restrict spending to specific merchants

Rest easy with restrictions on what employees can spend on and how much vendors can charge.

Experience the all-in-one difference

Save time, save money, and scale faster with everything in one place.