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March 7, 2024

Volopay features a wide range of quality service products and is known as a unified financial control center for modern business. It consists of intelligently integrated business accounts, multi-level approvals, corporate credit cards, expense management, employee reimbursement methods and accounting automation.

Volopay is a financial solution provider that not only offers automated financial management, but also as a corporate account provider that can help its users save time and money while improving the role of their financial team.

Here we summarize Volopay company accounts for you.

What Is Volopay Company Account?

Volopay provides business banking account services that are equipped with multi currency accounts to simplify the process of deposits, payments, tracking expenses without minimum limits, lower fees, and without any maximum limits in the transaction process.

In this company's account, Volopay provides a line of credit that can be approved instantly, without personal guarantees and with minimal paperwork. In addition, there are also corporate credit card features that can be used with unlimited flexibility.

Facilities And Key Features of Volopay Corporate Accounts For Business Financial Management

Multi-Currency Capability

Save funds in up to 11 different foreign currencies. The use of global currency accounts can unlock the full potential of business expansion strategies, these accounts can also be used to store funds using a variety of major currencies. Volopay provides a low FX fee offer for all overseas transaction payments.

International Money Transfers

Volopay offers low exchange fees on every expense made on its platform, from cross-border supplier payment transactions to remittance fund transfers for employees.

Payment made by Volopay is different from most banking transactions in general, where users can easily choose a vendor or employee to whom they want to transfer funds. The transaction process can be completed in seconds through a very fast international money transfer service.

Corporate Credit Card

Volopay provides its users with the opportunity to empower employees through physical and virtual credit cards. Without the need to use various kinds of bank accounts and transaction tools to operate the business intelligently. Volopay has combined the best software with every necessary banking service to create a state-of-the-art financial platform.

Cost Management

Instead of lump sum work done at the end of the month or aiming for payment, you can use the automation system owned by Volopay to be able to perform control performance. Organize and track every dollar spent by your business.

Platform Integration

Users can manage vendors, approve invoices and make payments automatically. Billing process governance as well as payment approval process can be easily accessed in one elusive platform. 

Get these features by simply accessing Volopay, managing efficiently using a single platform for company operations and finances. Have control using multi-level approvals and know everything in real time.

Accounting Automation

With automated use, you can save time in closing the book faster every month. Accounting automation software helps maintain your accounting structure, from swiping cards to closing books with the world's fastest live integration, and synchronization notifications can be made in real time. No manual recording and no anonymous transactions.

Integrate all tools and software used in daily activities, such as using accounting integration software with Journals, Xero, QuickBooks, Deskera, and NetSuite.

Costs Associated with The Facilities Offered

The time it takes to open an account is just a matter of minutes, with no additional fees such as the initial deposit and minimum balance.

Volopay, which presents multi-currency business accounts globally to facilitate international transactions for its users, can also store funds in different currencies, and avoid expensive fees at foreign exchange rates.

How to open a Volopay company account and the requirements needed

You can apply for a Volopay corporate account by registering directly through the official Volopay website where you will be directed to fill in the company data. Or by contacting customer service at whatsapp number +62 822-1012-9313.

The requested Company data includes the Company Deed, tax legality, and permits from the Online Single Submission (OSS) system.

Strategy for Using Volopay Company Accounts for Filing and Reporting Company Expenses

Multi-Level Access

Each transaction is linked to the employee, where the employer can give the employee the authority in budget processing. So that the stages of approval and submission of policies can be done in a multi-level and configured.

Unlimited Virtual Cards

Virtual credit and debit cards, presented by Volopay, open up an efficient way to manage corporate payments. Through the Volopay virtual card, it will simplify the online payment process, and control SaaS subscription payments. You can empower employees by giving them financial autonomy as well as flexibility in making payments without using personal funds.

Real Time Expense Tracking

These corporate accounts not only manage spending transaction restrictions intelligently, but can also report them directly. This process can be monitored through a dashboard that features real-time updates.

Automated Reports

Accounting automation software helps process your accounting reports, such as verifying transactions and synchronizing with accounting automation software. Abandon manual logging and start using Volopay smart corporate account accounts.

Comparison of Volopay Corporate Accounts with Corporate Accounts of Other Banks

Automation Of Accounting

The system can be set to connect with the general ledger so as to create financial statements automatically. The system can also be connected to accounting software (Journal, Xero, QuickBooks, Deskera, and NetSuite) and then work on the classification and synchronization of transactions to the ledger automatically. Corporate accounts of other financial institutions are generally limited in carrying out the integration process.

Vendor Management

Corporate accounts at conventional banks can usually only make payment transactions manually, while Volopay can make vendor bill payments on a scheduled and automatic basis through Bill Pay for invoice and PO payments.

Flexible Credit Lines

Flexible credit lines are available that can be adjusted according to the payment cycle. Credit lines at conventional banks generally require a long time to get approval and require complicated documents. Volopay offers fast approvable credit lines, high unsecured credit limits, and minimal requirements.

Corporate account alternative from Aspire

Business account from Aspire is a genius alternative in supporting your business’s financial activities. It provides you all the benefits that Volopay offers and many more. You can get started in minutes and access to your business account and cards immediately.

It offers a powerful business account, a rewarding corporate card, a robust expense and payable management system and many more features & benefits that makes it a preferred, fully integrated finance solution, for businesses in Indonesia.

Moreover, the Aspire web platform and apps adhere to the best data security, privacy practices available today.  It also takes various measures to ensure that your money is handled in a safe and secure manner.

Key Features of Aspire Corporate Account

Powerful business account with multi-currency capabilities

Aspire offers fast, free local transfers and international transfers with transparent upfront FX rates and zero fees. With Aspire you can send and receive international payments in 30+ currencies. Aspire offers market-leading, transparent and upfront FX rates with zero fees, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. You also get access to USD and IDR Virtual Accounts to scale globally.

Corporate card with unlimited cashback

Aspire offers a powerful corporate card with unlimited cashback. Save on your business expenses by paying using an Aspire Corporate Card. Get unlimited 1% cashback on the world's best brands in digital marketing, software subscriptions (SaaS), shopping and business travel. You can avail virtual corporate cards for your entire team, issue cards online, within seconds, without any security deposits needed from your business.

Robust expense & payable management

Aspire has a robust expense management and payable management system that not only helps them control company expenses with budget, corporate cards and claim management, but also streamlines the entire account payable process for bill submission to accounting sync with software like Xero, Journal, Quickbooks, myob, Oracle Netsuite, Deskera and SAP.

Smart Invoice

Aspire offers smart invoicing, which can receive payments faster with an integrated system, so you can reduce client payment delays with automatic reminders, and get real time notifications for every incoming transaction.

Overall, Volopay and Aspire both prioritize data security and Privacy. Aspire takes data security and privacies very seriously. Aspire account offers a powerful business account, unlimited cashback, and an efficient invoicing system.

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