Differences in Interest Rates and Fees for BNI Business Accounts and Personal Accounts

Published on
September 26, 2022
Written by
Ekky Pramana

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI is listed as the 4th largest national bank in Indonesia as measured by the level of data collection in December 2021, with total consolidated assets of IDR 964.8 trillion, or an increase of 14.9% in their year on year.

The bank, which opened a limited public offering of shares in 2010, managed to achieve a net profit of IDR 10.9 trillion. The profit increased more than three times or equivalent to 232.23% compared to the previous year which was only able to penetrate IDR 3.28 trillion. 

The bank, who owns the issuer code BBNI, has a number of subsidiary companies, namely BNI Syariah, BNI Multifinance, BNI Sekuritas, BNI Life Insurance, and BNI Remittance. BNI offers fund storage services and loan facilities intended for the corporate, medium, and small segments.

A collection of BNI savings services, both for personal and corporate purposes, including:

  1. BNI Taplus;
  2. BNI Taplus Bisnis;
  3. BNI Giro;
  4. BNI Dollar;
  5. BNI Taplus Anak & Co-Brand;
  6. BNI Taplus Muda & Co-Brand;
  7. BNI Tappa;
  8. BNI Haji;
  9. BNI Pandai;
  10. BNI Simpanan Pelajar; dan
  11. Tabunganku.

BNI Personal Account

In order to answer the various needs of the general public, BNI introduces several benefits of banking services, including the ease of opening a savings account, access to online shopping platforms, and the facility in transacting with mobile banking, SMS Banking and internet banking. What are the savings options in the personal account category from BNI? Here is a list of the options:

  1. BNI Taplus;
  2. BNI Dollar (Personal);
  3. BNI Taplus Anak;
  4. BNI Taplus Muda;
  5. BNI Tappa;
  6. BNI Haji;
  7. BNI Pandai;
  8. BNI Simpanan Pelajar; dan
  9. Tabunganku;

Only by logging in to the BNI Mobile Banking application and attaching the required requirements such as ID (KTP/SIM/Passport) for Indonesian citizens, and a Permanent or Temporary Residence Permit Card (KITAP/KITAS/KMS) for foreigners, then you are ready to connect to become BNI customers.

BNI Personal Account Interest Rate

BNI's interest rate for individual deposits is calculated based on daily balances, with competitive numbers ​​and varies according to customer needs. Here we provide a comparison:

  1. BNI Taplus : 0,00% - 0,80%
  2. BNI Dollar (Personal) : 0,00% - 0,25%
  3. BNI Taplus Anak : 0,00% - 1,00%
  4. BNI Taplus Muda : 0,00% - 1,00%
  5. BNI Tappa : 0,00% - 1,00%
  6. BNI Haji : No interest
  7. BNI Pandai : 0,01% - 0,25%
  8. BNI Simpanan Pelajar : 0.00%
  9. Tabunganku : 0,01% - 0,25%

BNI Personal Account Opening Fee

Only with an initial deposit of IDR 500,000 for Jabotabek and IDR 250,000 for Non Jabotabek or USD/SGD/AUD 100 for dollar savings, can you become a BNI customer. The account management fee per month is IDR 11,000 with a minimum balance of IDR 150,000 which has been applied since January 2016. Meanwhile, how much does it cost to open a personal BNI account? 

  1. BNI Taplus : Free
  2. BNI Dollar (Personal) : Free
  3. BNI Taplus Anak : Free
  4. BNI Taplus Muda : Free
  5. BNI Tappa : Free
  6. BNI Haji : Free
  7. BNI Pandai : Free
  8. BNI Simpanan Pelajar : Free 
  9. Tabunganku : Free

You will have a BNI Debit Card that functions as an ATM card and a Debit card, which can be used for shopping and other payment needs at merchants with the MASTERCARD logo, both at home and abroad.

In addition, there is an auto-debit service that will assist you in paying various routine bills such as water, electricity, telephone, cellphone, credit card or other bills automatically every month, so that you can avoid arrears due to late payments.

BNI Business Account

BNI also issues savings products intended for business activists, both individuals and companies, equipped with features and facilities that provide convenience and flexibility in supporting your business transactions. The variety of these products are:

  1. BNI Taplus Bisnis;
  2. BNI Giro; and
  3. BNI Dollar.

BNI Dollar deposits are available in foreign currencies (USD/SGD/AUD) which have more stable exchange rates. BNI Dollar account opening can be done on behalf of individuals or companies as well as joint accounts (fellow individuals or fellow companies).

The advantages offered are a BNI Gold Debit Card or a BNI Platinum Debit Card as a Debit Card with a higher limit. Other advantages include cash flow info at the end of the month, to automatic transfer system online (ATS online) or sweep account.

When opening a personal BNI account using only personal identity, as well as opening an individual business account, you only need to show your personal identity and registered business license. Meanwhile for PT, Cooperatives, Foundations, Firms and CVs, the following requirements are required:

  • ID card of the founder and person in charge of the company (KTP for Indonesian citizens and KITAS for foreigners);
  • Power of attorney to appoint account management;
  • Tax Identification Number of the founder and person in charge of the company;
  • Deed of Incorporation;
  • Decree of the company's Ministry of Law and Human Rights;
  • Company Tax Identification Number;
  • Company domicile permit;
  • Business Identification Number; and
  • Business License from the OSS.

BNI Business Account Interest Rate

Since February 4, 2022, BNI has implemented a new interest rate that is more profitable and competitive, below is the details:

  1. BNI Taplus Bisnis : 0,00% - 1,50%
  2. BNI Giro : 0.00% - 2,00%
  3. BNI Dollar : 0.00% - 0,25%

For individual foreign currency BNI Giro accounts in USD, SGD, GBP, EUR, JPY and HKD, the interest terms are subject to change at any time. Then, the current account statement will be sent every month and can also be printed at any time according to the customer's request.

BNI Business Account Opening Fee

The initial deposit for a BNI company account is generally IDR 1,000,000, with a minimum subsequent deposit of IDR 5,000 and a minimum average balance of IDR 1,000,000 per month. That does not include the account opening cost, which consists of the initial cost of printing books and ATM cards, here are the details:

  1. BNI Taplus Bisnis : Free
  2. BNI Giro : IDR 15.000
  3. BNI Dollar : Free

BNI also has a Corporate Digital Services system, one of which is BNI Direct. What are the features?

BNI Direct is a cash management platform solution that has various features such as Collection Management, Liquidity Management, Payment Management, Digital Bank Guarantee, Financial Supply Chain Management, Online Trade, and open banking APIs to support integration and ease of banking transactions on the platform owned by business owners. 

BNI is one of the major banks in Indonesia that people often go to for opening corporate accounts. Even so, the majority of people have accounts at more than 1 bank in Indonesia. It could be due to interest rates or more interesting promotional programs at other banks or certain needs for a network of business partners at different banks. 

In response to this, the Aspire all-in-one financial management system provides integrated features for all your operational financial needs.

With Aspire, send and receive money through virtual accounts to various banks throughout Indonesia. All transactions will be recorded neatly and integrated with the company's bookkeeping and budgets. Check out other Aspire features such as claim management and expense management that can help your company's financial management become neater and more efficient.

Keep Aspiring with Aspire.

Ekky Pramana is a seasoned writer specialising in business finance and management. With a writing history at Tech in Asia, Teknoverso, and various other publishers, he leverages his market expertise to empower and educate first-time founders in managing their businesses better.
Ekky Pramana
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