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How PraisePal easily manages remote team expenses with Aspire corporate cards

Published on
March 20, 2024
— Aspire Journey
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Zelia Leong, Felix Tan Hong Ming
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PraisePal is a fast-growing remote recognition tool that’s turning the heads of small and global companies alike.

As a growing startup that’s moving fast to make impactful solutions on a large scale, the lean-but-mean team chose Aspire for its fuss-free card payments that not only segments different types of spending into convenient categories 一 it also allows each employee to have various corporate cards for different uses that is easily viewed through an all-in-one app.


Founded in January 2021, PraisePal helps companies improve remote team productivity, connection and collaboration using micro recognition and rewards. Enhanced by a points-based system, the remote productivity tool is helping to build a strong recognition culture across global teams by celebrating team wins both big and small.


Poised for accelerated growth, the remote PraisePal team members felt bogged down when taking the more traditional finance accounting route.

Being a lean team, it became increasingly tedious to peg different SaaS subscriptions and adhoc spending on a single debit card. This is because if there was a breach in a single vendor platform, they’d have to experience the hassle of cancelling the card, get a new one, and ultimately update the new card details across all of the platforms with the old card.

What’s more, the entire remote team had access to the same debit card, making it hard to segment the different types of spending into distinct categories. As a result, much time was wasted simply to manage team spending and subscription expenses 一 a significant hindrance to any fast-growing startup.

"The processes at traditional banks have been painful, confusing, and frustrating. Aspire is the opposite of that. It saves us time to invest more into the business than in getting through these processes."
Zelia Leong
Co-Founder of Praisepal


As a solution to PraisePal's debit card woes, they turned to Aspire’s corporate cards.

This way, each team member has an Aspire card for their expenses, and another for company subscriptions. As a result, the PraisePal team could easily segment their spending between discretionary spending, different  SaaS categories, etc. The insights gained from an all-in-view inevitably empowers them to make the right financial decisions, and subsequently supercharge the company’s growth.

Through Aspire’s corporate cards' ease of use as a springboard, the team saved countless hours in not having to endure the manual process of consolidating and reconciling company expenses.


Since using Aspire, PraisePal is able to invest more hours into the business 一 time that would have previously been used simply to iron out their financial processes.

Now that the Aspire app provides everyone with a bird’s eye view of their expenses and corporate card spending, the team is able to move quickly with the right financial insights and focus more of their resources on implementing its tool with a growing list of large global enterprises.

"Aspire made it easy to have various cards for different uses all easily accessible on the app. Spending statements can also be viewed at a glance, which has been amazing for us."
Zelia Leong
Co-Founder of Praisepal