The Ins and Outs of BRI Corporate Credit Cards

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March 7, 2024

In 2022, the Indonesian Credit Card Association recorded a number of credit cards issued ranging from 16,888,422, where part of the number of users is in the form of companies, or generally known as corporate credit cards.

A corporate credit card is a credit card issued in the name of a company, as opposed to a credit card issued in a personal name.

One of the banks in Indonesia that issues corporate credit cards is BRI, or Bank Rakyat Indonesia, with its product called BRI Corporate Card. Read on as we review the card in this article.

What is BRI Corporate Credit Card?

BRI Corporate Credit Card is a credit card issued by PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, with a license from MasterCard and Visa, and marketed to customers in the form of employees in companies or institutions that collaborate with Bank BRI.

BRI Corporate Card type has been equipped with a chip to provide more security and protect you from misuse and falsification of data. The prints on top of the card consists of an individual name along with the name of the company, which indicates that only you are entitled to use this card and the place where you currently work.

This card will generate a billing statement which is a record of BRI Corporate Card transaction details for a period of 1 month (from the billing date of the previous month to the billing date of the following month). The bill will be sent in 2 (two) different bill details, namely Corporate card Recap and Corporate Card Statement.

Key features of BRI Corporate Credit Card

Bill Payment Facility

BRI corporate credit card holder customers can automatically debit through the company's account to make their bill payments.

The debiting process on your corporate account will be done every due date of your BRI Corporate Card. Payment can also be made through the Unit office or BRI Branch Office, via Internet Banking, BRI ATM network, ATM Prima Network and ATM Bersama Network.

Cash Advance

BRI Corporate Credit Card provides cash withdrawal facilities through ATMs with MasterCard logo worldwide. This money withdrawal featureis the right solution when the cardholder cannot withdraw cash through a savings account or checking account. Customers can also make cash withdrawals through any bank around the world that has a MasterCard logo, simply by using your BRI Corporate Card.

BRI Ecopay

BRI Corporate credit card is equipped with BRI Ecopay feature which is a web-based banking service that can be accessed by companies or institutions BRI Corporate credit card holders, for card information management and transaction mutations, as well as bill payments to BRI partner accounts and corporate vendors with BRI Corporate Card Credit Card funding sources easily and quickly.


BRI corporate credit cards also provide 0% light Shopping installment promo features, low-cost flight promos with certain flight times, discounts with a minimum transaction for culinary products and much more.

BRI Corporate Credit Card application terms and Conditions

1. General Terms

The company is obliged to cooperate with Bank BRI in the issuance of Corporate Cards and submit the required submission documents, as follows:

a. Application letter for issuance of BRI Corporate Card;

b. Letter of appointment administrator card;

c. Power of attorney for automatic bill payment;

d. Company financial statements;

e. Legality and Taxpayer Identification Number of the company (NPWP); and

f. Application form and identity document of the cardholder.

2. Interest

Interest will be added to the next billing if you do not pay the entire outstanding balance by the Due Date. Interest is charged monthly based on the daily balance since the date of the transaction with the interest rate as stated on the billing statement.

The following are the reasons customers are exposed to interest, including:

  1. Cash withdrawal transactions;
  2. Minimum payment or no full payment;
  3. Late payment; And
  4. Overlimit.

Interest for cash withdrawals will be charged from the date of the cash withdrawal transaction at the interest rate stated on the billing statement.

3.Fees and Fines

The payment maturity period is up to 25 days from the date of printing of the invoice, the Late Payment Fee is 1% of the invoice or a maximum of Rp100,000 according to Bank Indonesia's Covid-19 relaxation policy.

The late payment fees will return to 3% of the bill or a maximum of Rp150,000 after the Covid-19 relaxation policy ends (until March 31, 2023). Furthermore, the maximum cash withdrawal is 60% of the remaining limit or a maximum of Rp10 mio per day.

How to apply for BRI Corporate Card

Following are the standard procedures for applying for BRI corporate credit cards:

  1. The company will designate or appoint employees who, according to the company's considerations, have the right to use the BRI Corporate Card in accordance with company regulations;
  2. Employees must fill in completely and correctly the application form for issuing a BRI Corporate Card provided by BANK BRI;
  3. Employees assisted by the company are required fulfill or complete the application form for the issuance of BRI Corporate Card with employee data and supporting documents (such as Employee Name, Date of birth, mother's maiden name, ID card number, home and office address, Home & Office telephone number, position/part in the company, and for foreign employees must attach a copy of Permanent Stay Permit Card or Temporary Stay Permit Card KITAP/KITAS);
  4. The Company submit to the BANK, the application form for the issuance of a BRI Corporate Card that has been filled in and completed with employee data and supporting documents; And
  5. The BANK will only process the BRI Corporate Card issuance application form submitted by the company through the Card Administrator to the BANK.

Types of BRI corporate credit cards available

Both are credit cards issued by BRI for corporate segmentation, the difference is that BRI Corporate Card is a credit card in the name of a company (not an individual), and BRI Business Card is a BRI credit card that is marketed limited to customers who are employees of companies/institutions that collaborate with Bank BRI.

BRI Corporate Card

BRI Corporate credit card is a credit card issued by Bank BRI to employees appointed by the company to meet the needs of business transactions and corporate travel. Where BRI Corporate credit card bill payment is charged to the company.

Company logos can be displayed on credit card designs as a form of Corporate Identity, and can be used for transactions at merchants with the MasterCard logo worldwide.

BRI Business Card

BRI Business Card is issued by PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk under MasterCard WorldWide license which serves as a means of payment for purchase transactions and cash withdrawals (Cash Advance) at ATMs with the MasterCard logo.

Credit card payment can be made by cash, book transfer, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking, and through BRI ATMs. With BRI credit card limit between Rp5 mio to Rp999 mio.

BRI corporate credit card usage for business needs

Credit card users are generally company representatives and officials who will need card benefits to meet their business needs such as:

Business trip

BRI provides a free airport lounge for 1 Pax with redeem 100 BRI points in more than 30 Airport Lounges in cooperation with BRI.

Minimizing the Budget

As long as the BRI Corporate Card Credit Card is active, then customers get benefits in the form of free annual fees. In addition, BRI also provides facilities for changing retail transactions to 0% installments with tenors of 3, 6, and 12 months through BRI Contact  and tenors of up to 24 months at selected merchants.

BRI automated payment feature

Is the BRI Corporate Card payment process through automatic debit from the company's savings account at BRI. This facility is an automatic payment of monthly bills using a BRI Savings Account.

Cash Withdrawals

Cash withdrawal facilities through ATM machines that can be done at all BRI ATMs and MasterCard logo ATMs around the world, so your business trip is not interrupted.

Use of BRI corporate credit cards for Business Financial Management

Merchant Promos and Reward Points

Credit cards not only provide short-term credit facilities with the aim of facilitating customer transaction processes, but also feature attractive offers with various benefits such as promos at certain retail or merchants to various other facilities.

Offers that are no less interesting, namely in the form of installments up to 36 months in for the purchase of certain gadgets and electronic products. Furthermore, BRI points can be obtained by making retail transactions and can be exchanged for various attractive promos.

Airport Lounge

Other facilities include free 1 person access to airport lounges in collaboration with BRI (Over 40 Airport Lounges in Indonesia). The requirement is that the BRI Credit Card used must be active and valid. Some of them are the Sapphire Temporary Lounge at Terminal 3 Soekarno Hatta Airport, Blue Sky Premiere Lounge in Samarinda, and many more.

Corporate Card Alternative From Aspire

Aspire provides corporate cards with the most variety of benefits in Indonesia, with a physical and virtual form that can be owned in just a few minutes, and can be used at all MasterCard-logo merchants and ATMs.

The requirements needed are very easy, you are only required to fill in the name field (in accordance with Identity Card/KTP and other official ID cards), email address and your active phone number in creating an account. Then, the official legality for a company such as company deed, Taxpayer Identification Number, NIB and official permit from OSS Indonesia.

Speaking of benefits, the Aspire Corporate Card offers 1% cashback for every transaction made with many merchants all over the world.

This card is quite unique, you don't have to worry about your card being lost or your wallet left behind, Aspire understands and responds to the challenges of the digital era by issuing virtual cards that can be accessed in your hand.

Aspire provides advanced fraud protection in each of its corporate cards, you can set a spend limit on each card, you can restrict it’s usage to specific  merchants, and you can also freeze, cancel and replace  your card if misplaced or lost.

Key features of Aspire Vs BRI Corporate Card

Virtual Corporate Card

Both Aspire cards and BRI Corporate Cards, are supported by the MasterCard network and are widely accepted by more than 48 million merchants worldwide. However, Aspire card has an advantage which can cut card registration time and without having to visit a bank branch. The application also does not require a security deposit from your company.


The advantage of Aspire compared to others is that it offers up to 1% cashback for company business purchases, enjoy the cashback at some of the most popular merchants throughout Indonesia and the world.


Aspire allows you to be able to track your corporate card spending in real time. To know when and where each spend occurs, so you can control overspending by setting a budget. You can also turn on notifications when your budget is running low. This is all certainly not possible to get with a bank corporate card normally.

Multi Forex Transaction

With the powerful network of Aspire cards, you can make international transfers with transparent exchange rates in advance and without fees, low FX rates, free, fast and real time local transfers.

Smart Invoice

Aspire comes with a Smart Invoice that has a setting as an automatic reminder so you get a notification when you receive a payment.

In conclusion, BRI offers a variety of credit card facilities for the corporate customer segment. But Aspire provides corporate card services while helping your company's financial management to be easier, faster and transparent. That way, you can focus on Business Development for a better future.

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