Control company spend with your custom approval matrix

Design and implement a multi-level approval matrix to get sign-offs on expenses and payables invoices, all via one dashboard
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Effective policies for managing company spend


Policy made good

Take your offline approval policies online, with digital submissions and automated approval notifications.
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Scale organisational finance

Move fast with smaller spends, and exercise control over larger ones. Setup multi-level approvals across the company

One dashboard to rule them all

See payment requests on one dashboard. Approve the same in seconds, without cluttering your inbox
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Automate your company's payment approvals process

Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes & chasing payment approvals. Get real-time notifications, and approve transfers immediately in one place, via a seamlessly designed dashboard
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Setup your approval matrix basis size of the transaction

Help your team move fast on smaller transfers, and stay on top of larger ones. Set up transaction ranges that require approvals, and delegate those approvals to trusted team members.
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Setup multi-level approval matrix

Customise the number of approvals needed to process each transaction - including transfers and bill payments. Configure AND/ OR logic flows, so you're always in control.
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Restrict spending to specific merchants

Rest easy with restrictions on what employees can spend on and how much vendors can charge.