4 Simple Steps To Start Selling On Shopee Singapore & Boost Sales

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Zachary Pestana
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June 25, 2024

In the last decade, e-commerce sales have been increasing steadily. The ease of access and limited touchpoints make online retail platforms immensely successful. While many brick-and-mortar stores were forced to migrate to online platforms, some made the transition out of choice because of the plethora of opportunities. 

Carousell, Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee are the four major online shopping marketplaces in Singapore. All of these have their own advantages when it comes to retail marketplaces. But which platform should you pick? In this article, we will tell you why you should choose Shopee Singapore as your partner and how you can become a Shopee seller. 

From its humble beginnings in 2015, Shopee SG has now grown to become one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms for both buyers and sellers, with operations in 16 countries, spanning regions such as Southeast Asia, Latin America and Europe. As a seller, it is a great option due to its accessibility and low transaction fees.

Why should you be a Shopee seller?

If you're a seller based in Singapore, you get to utilise many tools to maximise success and connect with more buyers on Shopee. To save costs, there is no signup or registration fee. In addition, albeit for a limited period of time, sellers can waive commission fees for the first 90 days after your listing goes live. After which, there will be a 2% commission fee for any successful orders.

Another tool at your disposal as a Shopee seller is Shopee's wide range of innovative marketing tools to boost your sales. For example, sellers can promote their products on Livestream via Shopee Live to engage with customers directly and in real-time. You can also increase visibility and reach more customers by jumping on Shopee's many buzzworthy campaigns (9.9, 11.11 and 12.12, just to name a few) by nominating your products through "My Campaigns" on the Shopee Seller Center.

Last but not least, it's hard to ignore the many Shopee ads that dominate both online and on TV. If you recall the famous Jackie Chan commercial, your buyers will too. Shopee found that a mega campaign would successfully attract more buyers to the platform and even increase orders by 18x as compared to a day with zero campaigns.

With this in mind, are you ready to embark on your e-commerce journey with Shopee? To help you make an informed decision, we created this guide on how you can start selling on Shopee Singapore and tips on how to increase sales for your online business.

Types of e-Commerce Businesses You Can Do on Shopee SG

There is a whole range of options available on the Shopee seller centre that you can choose from. You can list as a manufacturer or wholesaler. You can even do drop shipping and white labelling. 


Manufacturers make products from scratch. It involves the production of goods using raw materials. You could choose to sell products in different categories such as fashion, beauty, home and living, health, accessories, etc. There is no limit to the kind of products you can list on Shopee seller centre as a manufacturer. The only condition is you should be producing these on your own. 


On Shopee Singapore, you can also list to be a wholesaler. A wholesaler sells products in large quantities. This allows buyers to purchase bulk orders at discounted prices. To be a wholesaler, you must sell a minimum quantity of goods as opposed to selling single pieces directly to customers. 


Dropshipping is a business model wherein the owner does not keep physical stock of goods that they sell. Instead, they help connect buyers with wholesalers, manufacturers or a fulfilment house that takes care of the delivery. Dropshippers simply act as the bridge between customers and third-party suppliers. This is a popular business model on Shopee SG because it doesn’t require heavy capital, manpower or overhead costs. 

White labelling

White labelling is the process of purchasing products from a manufacturer or a wholesaler and simply changing up the product branding. The repackaged product is then sold as an original item from a new seller. You may have noticed many products on Shopee that look alike but have different brands or logos. This is a result of white labelling. 

4 Benefits of Selling on Shopee Singapore 

Most Visited Website in Singapore

According to the latest numbers, Shopee is the most-visited e-commerce website in Singapore. It has millions of daily visits and a great online presence. The various benefits that Shopee Singapore offers to its customers and sellers make it a popular choice among both parties. 

Easy Shipping

You can easily keep track of your shipments on the Shopee app. It has partnerships with  numerous logistics companies including SingPost, J&T Express and uParcel. Shopee regularly issues shipping discounts that make selling on the app very attractive. 

Extensive Seller Support 

If you want help with selling your products or top customer service, Shopee Seller Centre has a wide range of tools to help you sell your products, manage orders and customers and organize your shop effectively.  

Best Marketing Tools for Free 

You don’t have to worry about paying steep prices for marketing. You can advertise on Shopee Singapore for free with the help of the following tools: 

What Are The Different Platforms to Sell on Shopee?

You can choose from three different platforms to sell on Shopee: 

Shopee Marketplace

Shopee Marketplace is a platform for local sellers to sell their products and services, including part-time sellers and resellers. Listing here gives you access to a comprehensive Seller Centre, access to free marketing promotional tools, the option to participate in Shopee promotional events and a large number of users. Charges include 2% non-mall commission fee after the first 90 days, GST, standard transaction fees and service fees wherever applicable. 

Shopee Mall

Shopee Mall is a premium platform that is open to selected brand owners and authorised distributors. You will need to fulfil certain requirements to be a Shopee Mall seller. You must sell 100% authentic items, provide customers with a 15-day return and refund policy, and offer free shipping on all your goods. You get all the benefits of Shopee Marketplace. Becoming a Shopee Mall seller is a great way to improve your brand’s reputation, which in turn will improve your sales.  Charges include 3-5% commission fee on all successful orders, GST, standard transaction fees and service fees wherever applicable. 

Shopee Supermarket

If you sell groceries and other household items, you can register to sell on Shopee Supermarket. You have to be a local manufacturer or distributor. You get various benefits such as assisted store management and listings, marketing support, Shopee-sponsored vouchers, free delivery from Shopee, and access to Shopee’s large customer base. The margins are discussed during onboarding. 

How To Become A Shopee Seller In Singapore

Step 1: Register for an account with Shopee Singapore

On the Shopee mobile app or website, sign up with your Facebook details, email address, or phone number. Fill up other relevant details and verify your phone number. Ideally, it's best to choose a username and profile picture that is related to your business. It’s also a good time to check that your products are not on their prohibited list. Once you’ve logged in, click ‘Seller Centre’ on the corner of their homepage.

If you already have an account, log in directly to the Shopee Singapore’s Seller Centre page.

Step 2: List Your Products

On the sidebar, select ‘My Products’ under ‘Product’. You’ll be redirected to a page where you can list your items.  

Select the relevant category to help buyers find your product easily. Then, insert your product description and brand name (if any).

Do include your product’s price and stock quantity. You may attach up to 9 pictures (8 product images and 1 cover image) of your product.

Step 3: Select Shipping Methods

Keep scrolling to the bottom of the page to insert the product weight and shipping option. With all relevant details filled in, you are finally ready to publish the product listing.

Step 4: Payment Methods on Shopee

Similar to Carousell, Shopee gives buyers the option to message sellers and make their best offer. On the other hand, sellers can also can accept or reject these offers too, depending on their preference.

Most Shopee transactions are made via credit card. Sellers should note that Shopee holds payments until the buyer's entire order is fulfilled.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Selling on Shopee Singapore?

To sell on Shopee Marketplace or Shopee Supermarket, you don’t need to spend any money to register. You simply need to download the app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. You can then start listing your products. 

However, you will have to pay a small fee to register on Shopee Mall. You will have to pay S$315 ACRA registration fee, plus service fees among other requirements. Read the full terms and conditions on how to be a Shopee Mall seller.

How Much Commission Does Shopee Charge?

For every successful order on Shopee Marketplace and Shopee Mall, Shopee takes a transaction fee. In Singapore, the transaction fee is 2% on the order amount after applying promotions and discounts. This is  separate from the 7% GST that will be applicable on your order. Shopee Supermarket margins are discussed individually with each seller once you are onboarded. 

For instance, if you close an order of S$100, then Shopee will cut a fee of S$2 on the order. Additionally, GST on this would be S$0.14. Your final remittance amount will be S$97.86 (S$100-S$2.14). 

Shopee Singapore Tips To Boost Sales

Getting listed is only part one of selling products on Shopee Singapore. The next step is to get customers to buy your products. Here are 5 tips you can employ to boost sales.

Tip 1: Bump up your product searchability

If your product doesn’t appear within the first few pages of a customer’s search result, it is unlikely that buyers will purchase it. Give yourself the best chance of sales by having the correct structure and including popular SEO keywords in your product title and description

Here are a few examples on how you could list your product name:

  • Brand Name + Product Model + Specifications + Size + Keywords for SEO
  • Gender + Specifications + Product + Keywords for SEO
  • Age + Specifications + Product + Keywords for SEO
  • Age + Gender + Specifications + Product + Keywords for SEO
  • Specification + Product + Keywords for SEO

Tip 2: List Your Business On Shopee Mall

Aside from boosting product visibility, consumer trust is an important driver for online sales. One way to achieve brand credibility is by listing your business on Shopee Mall. Shopee Mall is a segment created especially for Shopee’s top sellers and official brands. However, there are slightly more stringent guidelines to confer legitimacy and increase consumer trust.

However, this move can be costly for business owners who are just starting out. On top of the S$315 ACRA registration fee, you also have to pay for service fees among other requirements. Read the full terms and conditions on how to be a Shopee Mall seller.

Tip 3: Experiment With Shopee’s Advertising Campaign Options

Another method to rank higher on Shopee's search results is by running Shopee advertising campaigns. Under the ‘My Ads’ tool, there are two types of advertisements you can run: keyword ads and targeting ads.

Keyword ads have sellers bid for the relevant keywords to their products. This ensures that your product shows up whenever potential customers search for your selected keyword on Shopee. Targeting ads work by bidding for a slot in the ‘Similar Products’ feature to ensure that your ads will be featured alongside products similar to yours.

Make sure to manage the duration, budget, bid price and other relevant details of the campaign. Use the campaign’s insights to better market your products in the future. See the full guide to managing your Shopee ads.

Tip 4: Use Campaigns and Flash Sales Effectively

Apart from using targeted ads, you can also leverage Shopee’s “My Campaigns” feature to nominate products on main or category pages. It is available on the Marketing Centre page free of cost. Shopee will then consider your application and approve your nomination. Your products will then be featured on campaign banners on desktops and the mobile app. You can also get exposure through mentions in Shopee’s email blast and targeted push notifications. 

In addition to ads and My Campaigns, join Shopee’s flash sale promotions. Singapore shoppers on Shopee are often using flash sales to make purchases. Apart from boosting your sales, it can also be a great technique to clear out outdated or piled-up stock. 

Tip 5: Have A Separate Business Account To Save On Business Costs

Have a separate business account to foot business-related bills such as paying overseas suppliers and online advertising. Different vendors offer various benefits when you sign up with them.

For example, you can stretch your marketing budget when signing up for the Aspire Cashback Reward Card. The Aspire Cashback Reward Card gives you 1% cashback on your digital marketing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) purchases. View the full list of eligible merchants here.

Additionally, the Aspire Corporate Card allows you to transact at visa rates, with a low transparent 0.7% fee. This way, you get the best deals when you pay multi-currencies, especially if you’re shipping goods from China.

💡 Tips: Want to tap into Shopee Ads to reach a wider audience and boost your online sales? Receive 1% cashback when you spend with the Aspire Corporate Card.

Tip 6: Take Good Pictures And Include Detailed Product Descriptions

At the end of the day, employing all the nifty marketing tips in the world won’t work if your pictures are visually unappealing and the description is vague.

Watch videos or read online articles on product photography and study how your competitors take pictures to level up your photography game. Keep your product description as detailed as possible and use writing assistants like Grammarly to ensure your grammar and spelling are correct.

How to Become a Shopee SG Preferred Seller? 

Shopee Preferred Sellers is a special status awarded to a select few businesses that have excellent sales and operational performance. They are selected by Shopee upon meeting certain criteria. Sellers who are considered to provide an enhanced experience to customers are selected to be part of the Shopee SG Preferred Sellers group. These sellers usually:

  • Have high shop ratings
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Ship out orders quickly and efficiently

Once you are a Preferred Seller, your shop and product listings will get an orange badge. To become a Preferred Seller, you must meet the following criteria on a monthly basis:

(SourceShopee Singapore)

Why should you aspire to become a Preferred Seller?

  • Higher Sales: Customers gravitate towards buying from Preferred Sellers because they the product quality and services provided are superior.
  • Higher Search Rankins: Preferred Sellers can reach more buyers because they rank better on search results. 
  • Exclusive rates: Preferred Sellers also receive a voucher to purchase 3 Flash Deals lots at 50% off. You can sign up here.
  • Additional Bonus Paid Ads Credit: To qualify, your auto-top-up feature must be enabled for 30 days. You can learn more here.

If you do not comply with Shopee SG rules, your Preferred Seller status will be revoked. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to start selling on Shopee Singapore? 

Shopee SG does not have any signup or registration fees for Shopee Marketplace and Shopee Supermarket. It does charge a commission 90 days after your listing goes live. You have to pay a registration fee to join Shopee Mall.

What does Shopee charge its sellers? 

90 days after listing, Shopee charges a 2% commission on all successful orders plus GST on the commission.

What kind of seller support is provided at the Shopee seller center? 

Shopee SG provides a range of support services to its sellers, including incubation support, tools to organise and track orders, logistical support, customer service, webinars and courses. You can access all of these once you sign up as a seller.

Can I create multiple shops on Shopee SG?

You can have multiple shop listings on Shopee SG. However, each shop needs to have a separate Shopee account.

Is it profitable to sell on Shopee? 

Shopee Singapore gives you access to millions of customers, both locally and internationally. You can run a successful e-commerce business on Shopee.

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