AMEX Corporate Green vs. Gold Card

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September 14, 2020
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Marissa Saini
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AMEX Corporate Green vs. Gold Card
The Amex corporate card is suited for both upcoming enterprises and mid-sized companies. Amex offers two corporate card options: The Corporate Green Card and the Corporate Gold Card.
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So you’re on the hunt for a corporate card, and you’ve stumbled upon American Express. Although not as widely accepted as Visa cards, the Amex corporate card offers a host of unique benefits that might suit your business. 

The Amex corporate card is suited for both upcoming enterprises and mid-sized companies. Amex offers two corporate card options: The Corporate Green Card and the Corporate Gold Card. 

Whether you’re a local brick-and-mortar business owner or a jet-setter, Amex’s corporate card rewards might be useful for you. Keep reading to find out if Amex has the corporate card for you. 

Comparing the Amex Corporate Gold and Corporate Green Card

Gold and green, what’s the difference? We compare the perks of both Amex corporate cards below:  

1. Membership rewards

The Amex Corporate Gold and Corporate Green Cards are actually pretty similar in terms of membership rewards and card fees.

Companies can earn one Corporate Membership Rewards point for every S$1.60 spend. Looking to earn points faster? Each Corporate Membership Rewards point can be earned for every S$1 spent with the Singapore Airlines Group. The rates are the same for employees in the Membership Rewards Programme. 

2. Card fees

The annual card fee for the Amex Corporate Card stands at S$120, and goes up to S$155 for the Amex Corporate Gold card. That’s a pretty reasonable fee to fork out for both small and medium businesses.

Both cards can also be managed online at any time alongside the American Express Work suite. This online management tool allows administrators of the corporate cards to control card member transactions, create reports, and monitor expenses. 

3. Type of cardholders they’re suited for. 

Take travel rewards for example. The Amex Corporate Gold card is great for the frequent traveller. It offers complimentary business travel accident insurance for up to S$1,000,000, compared to S$350,000 if you opt for the Corporate Card. 

Which Amex corporate card is better?

Overall, the Amex Corporate Gold card beats its predecessor in the travel department. It provides overseas medical expenses extensions, baggage and personal possessions insurance, and travel inconvenience insurance. This ensures for a fuss-free business travel experience—great for those who are frequent fliers. 

Verdict: The Amex Corporate Green card is suitable for the average business owner with its low annual fees. If you travel frequently for business, consider the amazing benefits you’ll get with the Amex Corporate Gold Card. 

One thing to note is the lack of cashback from both cards. Which means the benefits of getting either Amex corporate card is limited to their membership perks and travel policies. 

Looking to get the most bang out of your buck? Choose Aspire! 

What is the Aspire Corporate Card? 

The Aspire Corporate Card is a virtual debit card that offers 1% cashback on online marketing and Saas spend on over 10 different merchants. If you’re constantly ramping up marketing efforts on Facebook and Google, Aspire is a great way to save costs. 

Here’s a table comparing the Aspire Corporate Card with the Amex Corporate Cards:

Amex Corporate Green card and Gold vs Aspire

Aspire is great for tech-savvy SMEs looking for a way to save costs and boost their marketing campaigns. 

With no application or annual fees, Aspire is the perfect corporate card for the up and coming entrepreneur.

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