An Interview with Andrea Baronchelli

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July 14, 2020
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An Interview with Andrea Baronchelli
Former CMO of Lazada, now CEO of Aspire. Interview with Andrea Baronchelli about his inspiration to start Aspire and what the future of banking industry will look like. Watch to find out more.
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He noticed a need.

He saw a gap Aspire can close.

That is why we are confident in what we do.

As a former EVP and CMO for Lazada, our founder believes that the problems small business owners were facing could be solved: providing business credit line up to $150k without long waits, paperworks and hidden fees. Took us less than 2 year to already operate in 4 different countries across South East Asia. Aspire's core mission is to help small businesses in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Watch the short interview with Andrea Baronchelli to be inspired with the idea around Aspire. From how it first started to what the future of finance industry for SMEs will look like:

As an All in one finance operating platform in South East Asia, we are proud to announce that we have raised US$32.5 million and ready to support more businesses. "Aspire has a 30% monthly growth since the company was found,” said Andrea Baronchelli. "We expect to open more than 100,000 business accounts by next year. We are extremely excited about the problem we are solving for this fast growing generation of digital entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia,”

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