4 Business Lessons to Learn from Marvel Studios

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Zachary Pestana
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December 19, 2023

Marvel Studios have dominated and reinvented the industry. They have been producing movies that garnered many fans globally with most films being hyped by movie-goers. The "blockbuster machine" has won many nominations and awards through the years and been a record-breaker in the worldwide box office. If you're wondering why Marvel is so good at what it does, here's our recap of  HBR Ideacast Podcast: Business Lessons from How Marvel Makes Movies.

Business Lesson to Learn from Marvel Studios

4 Business Lessons to Learn from Marvel Studios:

1. Creativity

Regardless of which industry you're in, it's important to always think outside of the box. Marvel shows us that even after being successful, they were never complacent.In the entertainment and movie production industry, creativity is essential. Marvel shows us how you should never be complacent and stick to just your typical goals and business goals alike. To further push your success and to be at the top of the race in the industry, you'll need to continuously think outside of the box. It's not much about inventing a new product or diverse into other markets but it's about being creative with your current situation.However, the typical business goals are not to be as creative as possible, but to be creative when you already have a prior product. Coming up with a product that builds on the success of the previous product, but extend them to be in a more compelling way.

Creativity | Business Lesson to Learn from Marvel Studios

2. Employees Diversity

Usual companies typically look for someone with prior experience in the same industry. However, Marvel does something very counter-intuitive. Instead of hiring good directors that's already highly experienced, instead, they hire anyone who is able to deliver strong storylines and characters regardless of your experiences.

Business Lessons to Learn from Marvel Studios

3. In-Boarding Talents

In replacing the word "onboarding", Marvel "in-board" talents. This is something businesses should start to look at. Marvel brings talents into the organization and the talent brings in with them all of the outside leaning and experience that they already have.Inboarding that person's outside experience to change the way the organization thinks about what it is doing. Marvel lets employees create an imprint on the organization with outside knowledge.

InBoarding Talents | Business Lesson to Learn from Marvel Studios

4. Industry-Specific Hires

Although Marvel looks for diversity in hiring, they still prefer to bring in talents with industry-specific knowledge. Just that they have done different types of projects.For example, instead of consulting companies hire someone with an economics degree, they hire a chess master instead. They might not understand economics, but they understand strategizing and think several moves ahead of the game. It is equally valuable, just a different way of seeing what we're doing.


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