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December 19, 2023

Amazon is still considered to be a relatively new player in the Singaporean online marketplace scene. However, there are tons of benefits for small- and medium-sized businesses who want to sell their products on Amazon.

Choosing to sell your products on gives you access to easy product listing tools, an uncomplicated payment processing system and protection against credit card fraud. If you’re interested to start selling on Amazon, here is a guide we created so signing up will be a breeze. For good measure, we’ve also included tips on how you can kickstart your business successfully.

How to be an Amazon seller

Step 1: Register a seller’s account with Amazon

Begin by creating your account on Amazon’s Seller Central. Fill in the necessary details. Note that this multi-step process is lengthy and will take at least 20 minutes.

You’ll have to verify your account with a one-time password (OTP) twice. The first OTP will be sent to your provided email address; the second will be sent to your phone.

Under the ‘Product information’ tab, you’ll be asked questions to determine if you should sign up for a professional or an individual seller’s account.

From now till 30 June 2021, new sellers with professional selling accounts have the monthly subscription fee waived. This subscription option is best if you plan to sell more than 40 items a month. If not, sell as an individual.

Step 2: Verify your identity

Verify your identity by keying in your driving license or passport information, as well as a recent bank statement (issued within the last 90 days).

After you have submitted your documents, wait for your account to be approved. If necessary, the Amazon team will get in touch within 2 business days for more clarification.

Step 3: List your products

With the Professional selling subscription option, you can bulk add items to the Amazon Marketplace catalog. If not, list products one at a time. Check that your products are not on the seller’s prohibited list.

You can either:

  1. Listing products already available on
  2. Listing new products not yet on

Whichever method you choose, do ensure that the listed production information is accurate and complete. You can either handle shipping bought items yourself or outsource this function to the Fulfillment by Amazon service.

Step 4: Payment methods

With each item sold, you’ll be charged a selling fee. Amazon will deposit your payment through the registered bank account at regular intervals.

Best Amazon Singapore tips to boost sales

Now that you have signed up with, the next step is to get your products out there and boost sales. Here are some simple yet highly effective tips you can use.

Tip 1: Pay attention to SEO keywords.

SEO keywords play an important part in boosting your sales on Amazon. However, the search terms buyers use constantly change. Always optimise titles and include keywords in your product description. Use SEO tools like Keyword Tool to help you.

Tip 2: Get customer reviews

Amazon has a reviews-driven ecosystem. Keep ahead of your competitors and increase your chances of closing sales. So do focus on good customer service to incentivise customers to leave positive product reviews.

Tip 3: Start advertising campaigns on

To channel the most traffic to your site, you want your product to appear at the top of Amazon search results or alongside related listings. To do so, consider paying for the advertising tools within the site.

Amazon has three main advertising solutions you can use:

  • Sponsored Products option (your individual product listing will appear on both Amazon search results pages and product detail pages)
  • Sponsored Brands option (your brand and product portfolio will appear in search results in the form of a brand logo, custom headline and up to 3 selected products)
  • Stores option (your brand and product offerings are listed on custom multipage shopping destinations)

While the Stores option is free, the Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands options are cost-per-click ads. You pay only when your ad receives clicks. To engage these ads, you have to first place a bid on relevant product keywords. Only if your bid wins, then will your ad get displayed. Start advertising on the Amazon site with $50 in free click credits here.

Tip 4: Run Facebook and Instagram ads simultaneously

To maximise the efficacy of your online campaign, consider running Facebook and Instagram ads at the same time for a multi-channel strategy to improve traffic and direct sales to your Amazon listings.

A major benefit of running Instagram and Facebook advertising is the platforms’ ability to reach your exact target audience. This is because you can select for age, interests, behavior, and location.

Also, these two personal platforms are where many young people spend large portions of their online time. You should go to where your customers are. Plus, a more informal style of marketing works better on these platforms which can make it easier to engage with and convert customers.

Tip 5: Have a separate business account for ad expenditure and shipping

If you intend to run Facebook and Instagram ads, consider looking for cards and business accounts that offer you cashback savings. For instance, the Aspire Cashback Reward Card gives you 1% cashback on your digital marketing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) purchases, allowing you to run your online marketing campaigns longer. View the full list of eligible merchants here.

Additionally, if you ship your products from China, you might want to look into the Aspire Corporate Card. The Aspire Corporate Card allows you to transact RMB at visa rates. With a low transparent 0.7% fee, you get a great deal when paying multi-currencies. This way, you stretch your dollar and get more for less.

Start Selling On Amazon Singapore

Selling your products on Amazon Singapore can be an easy process. Hopefully, this guide will make the journey to building a successful online retailing business prosper smoother!

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