How to Make Your FnB Business Go Viral in Singapore

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Zachary Pestana
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December 19, 2023

Restaurant Marketing Strategies

Just like every other business, you will need to plan out marketing strategies for your food business. Here are the top 3 effective restaurant marketing strategies, as practiced by many restaurants there!

Build Online Presence

Especially in Singapore, people are highly attached with their smartphones.

What's for lunch? Google: 'food near me'.

Feeling like dim sum? Google: 'Best dim sum in Singapore'.

As a new restaurant in the industry, having an online presence will definitely help you gain more awareness. In this food porn era, #sgfood has 2+ million posts and #sgfoodies has 1+ million posts on Instagram. Hence, when it comes to food, Instagram is King and Facebook is Queen.Moreover, it is also recommended to have your own website. This will help your potential customers' in making the decision by scrolling at the menu even before they reach your store.

Get Featured by Local Food Bloggers

To bring in quick and instant awareness for your business, approach famous and local food bloggers and get them to feature a dish or two from your restaurant. A lot of Singaporeans rely much on local food bloggers as their food references. To name you a few:

Singapore Famous Food Bloggers | Misstamchiak DanielFoodDiary LadyIronChef


The infamous 'food promos' are still highly effective in acquiring more customers for your food business. Be as creative with your food promotions! Some of the most commonly used and proven to be successful ones are:

  • Happy Hours
  • Lunch / Dinner Set
  • Bundle Meal
  • Loyalty Offerings
  • Giveaways and contests on social media
Singapore food deals food promotion | SG Food Deals

Source: SG Food Deals

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