Aspire redefines the finance landscape in Asia with the launch of CFOXchange

Written by
Aaron Oh
Published on
February 27, 2024

Aspire has recently unveiled the launch of CFOXchange, an evolution of the leading community for finance leaders in Asia, priorly known as CFO Connect. This rebrand marks a significant step forward for the organization as it continues to empower finance leaders across Asia.

Recognizing the critical role that finance leaders play in steering their companies to success, Aspire launched CFO Connect to cultivate a space for shared learnings and opportunities for networking behind closed doors amongst industry leaders.

The community gained momentum rapidly since launch, successfully attracting over 250 top finance professionals across Asia in some of the largest companies including, Amazon, IBM, Stripe, Traveloka and Love Bonito. The growth of the exclusive community stands as a testament to the significant demand for a dedicated platform where CFOs can collaborate, share insights, and support each other in navigating the complexities of modern financial leadership.

“CFOXchange stands as a beacon for financial innovation and connectivity in the new digital economy. What began as a whatsapp group for finance leaders has blossomed into a community of top-of-their-game leaders who are actively shaping the future of finance in Asia," said Andrea Baronchelli, Co-Founder and CEO of Aspire. "CFOXchange is a representation of Aspire’s dedication to supporting leaders of the finance industries to succeed in Finance 4.0 revolution.”

As Aspire continues to expand its footprint across Asia, it extends an invitation to welcome finance leaders across Asia to join CFOXchange. Membership to this exclusive community will give finance leaders access to a private Whatsapp group to connect and exchange wisdom, exclusive invites to online and offline events to build relationships and front row access to playbooks, reports and discussions curated to shape the future dialogue in finance.

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