[Life At Aspire] What’s New In Q2: Small wins, professional development and well-being

August 2, 2021

Thousands of growing businesses use Aspire to streamline their finances with a powerful, all-in-one platform. This year, this number is only expected to grow. Working on game-changing tech products takes work一more so now that Aspire is scaling across three countries and counting.

In Q2 alone, 50 new Aspirers have joined the mission to build the future of business finance. Amid our rapid growth, it became a challenge to continue shaping a culture that doesn’t lose sight of its employees. While it hasn’t been a small feat, we’ve taken it in stride and walked the walk in how we put Aspirers first一no matter where they work.

Here’s how we made it happen.

Celebrating wins, both big and small

We understand and prioritise the importance of small wins, and wanted to embed it into our culture here at Aspire.

To ensure that hard work always gets the recognition it deserves, we launched Aspire Kudos via RewardNation. Integrated with Slack, this nifty tool doles out rewards in the form of points in an instant.

This way, every contribution一no matter the size一could be given its due. Most importantly, it enables work to be publicly recognised even when the entire team is working remotely. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, Aspirers can redeem them to get what they need such as gym passes, shopping vouchers, food, transport and much more.

Revving up professional development

We believe that regular training is key to keeping Aspirers on top of their game. That’s why we’ve come up with their own tailored training initiative. These bite-sized sessions occur monthly and provide useful knowledge that’s applicable for all Aspirers.

In the latest session, we invited Anna J. from The Breimer Group to give more insight on structured communication. The end goal? Achieving effective communication that’s fast, easy to remember and pushes the way we think. Open communication also ensures that no one is left in the dark.

Prioritising employee well-being with expanded leave offerings

Health is wealth, a topic that’s all too relevant given the ongoing pandemic. In support of Aspirers who need time off to get the COVID-19 jab一and recover from any side effects一we introduced vaccination leave, joining the list of companies that are doing their part in encouraging employees to get vaccinated.

We also expanded our non-mandated leaves to include additional days for paternity leave, marriage leave and compassionate leave on top of the leaves we have in place.

We believe in developing a healthy work-life balance, and believe that our expanded leave offerings will enable Aspirers to show up as our best selves.

Getting it right, even before day one

Did you know that our prep work in welcoming a new Aspirer begins long before their start date arrives. We tailor a unique plan for each new joiner as every Aspirer is different and ensure that their respective manager has an onboarding plan in place. A buddy system is also devised to get them comfortable with the help of a more experienced Aspirer. Plus, an Employee Handbook is available for them to get the hang of things quickly. Regular supervisor check-ins are also part and parcel of being an Aspirer.

Onboarding aside, this quarter we rolled out our welcome swag pack for all new Aspirers. While it may seem like a small token, we hope that new joiners come to appreciate the behind-the-scenes work we’ve set up to help set each employee up for success.

Conclusion: Putting Aspirers first is key to our success

In our mission to reinvent business finances, our people remain the core to our success. After all, it is our fellow Aspirers that helped to build the products we’re proud of. The initiatives we’ve introduced are the building blocks necessary to keep us healthy, happy and thriving. If you’re interested in building the future of B2B fintech, apply for a career at Aspire today!

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