UOB Corporate Cards for SMEs: Comparing the differences

September 29, 2020

Take control of your business expenses with UOB’s (United Overseas Bank) corporate card offerings. Opting for a suitable corporate card is essential for new and established businesses alike.

Choosing the best corporate card for your company can help to untangle the mess that is business banking. UOB prides itself at offering corporate cards that help to streamline your expense tracking process.

As one of the main players in business banking in Singapore, UOB offers a suite of business card options for companies of all shapes and sizes. Today, we’ll be focusing on the best UOB corporate cards for startups and SMEs.

The best UOB corporate cards for startups and SMEs include:  

Breaking down the different UOB corporate cards:

1. UOB Platinum Business Card

With bills coming in from all directions, keeping track of your company’s cash flow can be a thorn in the flesh.

The UOB Business Platinum Card has the most expensive annual fee of the lot, at S$180. But that sum is a steal for the host of perks this corporate card comes with.

The best feature of the UOB Platinum Business Card has to be the access to UOB’s Commercial Privileges Programme. This feature provides exclusive offers and discounts from reputable suppliers, including tech, utilities, logistics.

Boost your savings with 0.3% cash rebates on your card transactions. But that’s not all. This is coupled with the Mastercard Easy Savings programme. Spend on business services at merchants such as Apple and earn instant cash rebates. Cardholders are also entitled to complimentary travel accident insurance coverage of up to S$1,000,000.

Verdict: This UOB corporate card is one of the best cost saving options in the market. With exclusive discounts on business expenses like utilities and programmes, this UOB corporate card might be the best choice for those looking to get the most bang for their buck.

2. UOB Business Plus Card

If you’ve just gotten your business up and running, and need access to cash flow, UOB’s got your back.

The UOB Business Plus Card has a credit interest rate of just 1.15% per month. This is great if you require an additional source of cash flow for certain big ticket business expenses. You’ll also enjoy a long repayment period of up to 60 days, which gives you the flexibility to manage payments.

Cardholders will also enjoy similar perks as the UOB Business Platinum Card: complimentary travel insurance, the UOB SMART$ Rebate programme, and UOB Commercial Privileges Programme.

Verdict: If you’re looking for a convenient and flexible way to maintain your cash flow, the UOB Business Card Plus might be the way to go.

3. UOB Business Debit Card

If you’re a small business that is concerned about having to deal with credit repayments, this might be the solution for you.

The UOB Business Debit Card is linked to your UOB Business Current Account, which means all transactions will be immediately credited to your transaction history. UOB ATMs are also located all across the globe, which means that cash withdrawal will be super convenient.

On top of that, you’ll enjoy 0.3% cash rebate on transactions, which will be credited directly to your UOB Business Current Account every month.

This card has similar privileges as the previous options, offering access to the UOB SMART$ Rebate Programme and Commercial Privileges Programme. However, it does have an annual fee of S$36.

Verdict: The UOB Business Debit Card is perfect for micro-businesses that are just starting out. Monitor your transactions with ease while saving on business spend, and enjoying UOB card privileges.

Looking for a debit card alternative?

If you’re a startup or SME looking to boost your advertising game, try the Aspire Corporate Card.

Not only does the Aspire Corporate Card have no annual fees, it also offers high cashback rates of 1% on online marketing and Saas spend. Merchants that qualify under the cashback include social media platforms like Facebook and Google.

Aspire Corporate Card holders are also entitled to exclusive deals with a range of Aspire Partners—great for startups looking to save on business costs.

Here’s a table comparing the Aspire Corporate Card with UOB’s corporate cards:

everything you need to know about the different UOB corporate cards

If you’re a tech-savvy business looking to hunker down in the advertising realm, Aspire might just be the corporate card for you.

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