(Webinar Recap) CFO of the Future: Supercharging finance-led growth with technology in fast-growing businesses

April 21, 2022

The role of a CFO today is vastly different from that of the past. Over recent years, there has been much talk of it becoming a role less of finance, and more of strategy. The CFOs of today’s fast-growing businesses are empowered by technology, but need to work tactically to harness that strength to steer their business towards its growth goals.

In our latest webinar, finance leaders from Aspire, FoodPanda and Siemens Logistics share predictions for the future of their role, and how CFOs need to be operating now to supercharge growth.

In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of three key takeaways from the roundtable discussion.

Scroll to the bottom to find a full recording of the webinar.

1. Technology gives finance leaders a competitive advantage by giving them hours of their day back. Rather than manual cashflow and data management, CFOs at major tech companies are focusing their time on being strategic advisors to the CEO and steering their company's future trajectory.

2. Most technology companies use more than 5 financial tools and platforms to manage their financial operations, making it very difficult to track and integrate with their company's tech stack at large. Each business has its own dynamic needs, so it is crucial that you find a technology provider that can address these unique challenges and help you scale at every stage of your growth.

3. When building out your finance tech stack, the most important criteria is reliability and security. If the service breaks down, the entire finance function and beyond will be impacted. Check out the recording below for advice on how to pick the best finance platform for your business.

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