(Webinar Recap) Surviving The Tech Winter: How Startups Can Thrive

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Zachary Pestana
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December 19, 2023

We have all read the news: Russia's invasion of Ukraine, crazy inflation and Softbank's massive investment billion loss seem to be leading to a hard time for all entrepreneurs. Is this a tech winter or a storm? How long could this last? Should you get a jacket or an umbrella to prepare for it? What advice do VCs have for startups scrambling to understand what is going on?

In our latest webinar, Sequoia South East Asia’s VP, Aakash Kapoor, joined us for a panel discussion with Aspire’s CEO and Co-Founder Andrea Baronchelli, to weigh in on the current market conditions and share advice for startups looking to emerge stronger.

If you didn’t already tune in, scroll down and watch a recording of the webinar to gain insights from two of the region’s leading finance experts. 

Discussion Topics

  • Macroeconomic outlook 
  • Implications for founders and private market rounds
  • Focus for the next 12-24 months
  • Unconventional paths to fundraising

Featured Speakers

Andrea is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aspire, the #1 All-in-one Finance Operating System for businesses in Southeast Asia. Prior to Aspire, Andrea Baronchelli was the Chief Marketing Officer of Lazada in Singapore and was part of the Lazada founding team. Andrea is a Y-Combinator and Rocket Internet Alum. 

Aakash works with early-stage startups at Sequoia Southeast Asia. Based out of Singapore, he is a founding member of Surge, the firm's rapid-scale up program. At Sequoia, Aakash looks at companies from Seed to Series B in consumer tech, SMB, e-commerce, payments, and fintech. Prior to joining Sequoia, Aakash was with Deutsche Bank based out of Hong Kong and Singapore, working with tech entrepreneurs and helping them with fundraising, M&A and IPOs. 

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