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How Anya Active opened a business account in 5 minutes

Published on
July 5, 2022
Anya Active
— Aspire Journey
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Anya Active
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By choosing Aspire to manage all their business finance needs, Anya Active saved time and money—giving them more time to invest in growing the business.


Anya Active offers quality activewear for women. Beyond activewear, the brand's mission is to empower women to feel strong and confident by adopting an active lifestyle and embracing their body.


As a new business, Anya Active's main focus was to innovate on its product and brand positioning in order to delight and acquire new customers. Having to spend unnecessary time physically visiting a branch to open a business account, worrying about the complicated monthly fee structures, and worrying about manual paperwork and accounting would only distract them from growing the core business.


Saving resources is incredibly important for small businesses that are starting out. That's why Aspire was the obvious choice for Anya Active.

"I love that it's easy to use and has relatively low transaction fees, and is integrated with the platforms that we already use."
Melinda Sutikno
Founder or Anya Active

Brands like Anya Active need modern and cost-effective business finance solutions that allow them to perform multiple tasks within the same platform. As a business account that operates 100% online and is seamlessly integrated with various business platforms, busy founders like Melinda can manage her business finances on the fly anytime, anywhere.

"It’s more user-friendly compared to traditional finance apps, which means a lot especially when you are juggling multiple things all the time."
Melinda Sutikno
Founder of Anya Active


Since making the choice to set up her business account with Aspire in 5 minutes, Melinda and her team has never looked back. From receiving 1% cashback on all digital marketing and SaaS (software-as-a-service) spend, saving on international inventory purchases with FX fees up to 7x cheaper than traditional banks, to saving time with Aspire's accounting and e-commerce integrations, Aspire has grown to become the control center for all things related to business finance.

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