List of Free Interbank Transfers Providers in Indonesia

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March 7, 2024

Nowadays, it is impossible to ignore that the increasingly integrated technology brings convenience to various aspects of our daily lives and activities. A form of technology that facilitates our daily lives is interbank money transfer apps. Unfortunately, most existing interbank transfer service providers burden users with hefty transfer fees. Meanwhile, there are also some applications that offer interbank transfer facilities for free to attract users.

As a business owner, free interbank transfers are highly beneficial for your company in reducing transaction costs, because the types of activities and transaction volumes typically involve substantial amounts. Many business-related activities will require you to make interbank money transfers, such as purchasing raw materials from suppliers or paying employee salaries with accounts from various banks in Indonesia. It would be wonderful if we could transfer money for free through various money transfer applications, wouldn't it? The financial transaction process becomes more cost-effective and, of course, easier. Read on to learn more about various free interbank transfer applications in Indonesia!

What is a money transfer mobile app?

A money transfer mobile app is a specialized software designed to facilitate the process of sending and receiving money digitally between individuals, businesses, or financial institutions. By using money transfer mobile apps, users can conduct electronic financial transactions without the need to visit a bank and without involving physical cash or paper checks. Certainly, using free interbank transfer mobile apps can greatly simplify day-to-day financial transactions. Moreover, interbank transfer applications also save you time as there's no need to go to an ATM or wait in line at a bank. 

Read on below to see the features that can be found in a money transfer app:

Money Transfer

Users can send money or make bank transfers to recipients through bank accounts or electronic payment platforms that are available in Indonesia. This transfer can be done between banks or between platforms, depending on the capabilities offered by the mobile apps that are being used.

Bill Payments

Money transfer mobile apps typically provide bill payment services, such as electricity, water, telephone, internet, or credit card bills. Users can easily pay their bills through these mobile apps.

Purchase of Goods and Services

Some money transfer mobile apps also integrate services for purchasing goods and services, such as airline tickets, train tickets, mobile phone credit, and more.

Receiving Money

In addition to sending money, users can also receive money from others, either in the form of peer-to-peer transfers or payments for goods or services offered.

Checking Balances and Transaction History

Money transfer mobile apps typically provide information about users' account balances, as well as a transaction history.


Money transfer applications also typically come with strong security measures, including two-factor authentication, data encryption, and protection against fraud.

Free interbank transfers as a popular feature for consumers and businesses

To carry out various financial transactions, many digital platforms offered by conventional banks provide interbank transfer services. However, most of these platforms impose administrative fees on users. Typically, the transfer fees charged would amount to Rp6,500 for a single transaction. There is also the option to use BI-Fast, which generally incurs a transfer fee of Rp2,000. It might not sound like a significant amount, but when you’re in the process of conducting business transactions, and you have to make dozens of transfers in a day, you will need to allocate a considerable budget just for transfer fees. With the availability of free interbank transfer services, it will undoubtedly help save on your company's operational costs. So, what are the other advantages and benefits of using interbank money transfer mobile apps?

Easy Access

The free transfer feature is usually offered through digital banking mobile apps or electronic wallet apps that are easily accessible via mobile phones or other digital devices. This is certainly very convenient for users, as they don't need to visit a bank branch to make transfers, allowing them to do so anytime and anywhere.

Special Promotions and Customer Loyalty Programs

Many banking and digital payment platforms offer various attractive promotions that can greatly benefit your business, such as the offer of free interbank transfers.

Business Efficiency

As a business owner, free local interbank transfers can enhance the cost efficiency of your business. You can easily make payments to suppliers and pay employee salaries on time without worrying about administrative fees.

Financial Transparency

Using interbank money transfer mobile apps also fosters financial transparency within a company. As a business owner, you can easily track various transactions by examining the transaction history that is readily available on the app.

A List of Interbank Transfer Mobile Apps You Can Use


Aspire is a cloud-based platform designed to provide convenience to business operators in Indonesia in managing the financial aspects of their businesses. Established since 2018, Aspire has served more than 15,000 businesses worldwide. All aspects related to company finances, including expense management, debt and receivables, payments, fund transfers, and various other functions, can be efficiently organized through a simple dashboard.

One of the advantages of using Aspire is the significant number of free interbank money transfer transactions available. Of course, it depends on the type of business account you choose. For the BA Lite option, you can enjoy a total of 200 free interbank money transfers, while the BA Pro option provides you with the benefit of 100 free transfers per month.

Other advantages of using Aspire include:

  • Automating the expense bill recording process.
  • Setting up approval workflows for payment disbursements.
  • Scheduling mass and integrated payments.
  • Obtaining real-time fund budget information.
  • Reimbursing claims and expenses.
  • Creating business accounts for payments in foreign currencies to the Indonesian Rupiah.


Flip is an app that facilitates free interbank money transfers, both domestically and internationally. Conceived by three graduates from Universitas Indonesia: Rafi Putra Arriyan, Luqman Sungkar, and Ginanjar Ibnu Solihin, Flip operates under PT Fliptech Lentera Inspirasi Pertiwi and was founded in 2015. This app is secured to use, as it has obtained official legality and registration from Bank Indonesia.

There are several advantages you can enjoy by using Flip, including free interbank transfers, sending transaction receipts via email and the app, dual security systems, free balance for new users from referral codes, and the recipient's account does not need to have Flip to receive the funds. 


Jenius is a digital banking app from Bank BTPN that has been in operation since 2016 and is used by more than 10 million users in Indonesia. With a full range of features from savings and deposits, to loans, this app is considered one of the pioneers of digital banking in Indonesia.

With Jenius, you don't need to visit the bank to open a Jenius account because the entire process can be done online. You only need to download the Jenius app, then fill in your data, and upload a photo and your ID card (KTP). The entire registration process can be done online, and after completing these steps, you can activate your account through the Jenius app.

Another advantage is that the cost of online interbank money transfers through Jenius is relatively low compared to other bank transfer fees. The transfer fee through Jenius is only Rp3,000, and the number of free transfers will be adjusted based on the minimum balance you have in your account, ranging from 15 to 50 times.


Formerly known as Bank Artos Indonesia, later changed its name to Bank Jago after being acquired by Gojek. With Bank Jago, it’s easy to create an account in the Jago app. You only need to download the app from the App Store or Play Store, enter the requested personal information, and go through the final step, which is verification. During the verification step, the bank's verification team will promptly request a video call in less than 5 minutes. It's practical and doesn't take much time, and you don't even need to visit a branch or outlet to activate your account. This process can even be done in the middle of the night.

Some benefits you can get when using the Jago app include a relatively large quota of free interbank money transfers. Similar to Jenius, the number of transfer quotas is determined by the balance in your account. You can get anywhere from 25 to 150 transfers per month, and when you run out of quota, the transfer fee is Rp3,000.00.

One of the drawbacks of the Jago app is the lack of forex features or the ability to buy or save foreign currencies, which would be useful if you have to travel abroad or send and receive money in foreign currencies. Fortunately, you can link your Jago debit card to your PayPal account, which can be used for international transactions.


DANA is a digital wallet application introduced by PT. Espay Debit Indonesia Koe in 2018. Currently, this application has been downloaded by more than 50 million users through the Google Play Store. One of the main features provided by DANA is the ability to transfer money to other DANA users and also to bank accounts. You can make transfers to various bank accounts free of charge up to 10 times in one month. After reaching this limit, each additional transaction will incur an administrative fee of Rp4,500.00.

In addition to being used for free bank transfers, the DANA app also supports payments to merchants both offline and online, investments, and various other purposes. DANA Business also provides payment gateway services to facilitate payment systems for businesses.

Aspire offers conveniences beyond free interbank transfers

As mentioned earlier, Aspire is a financial technology application that has the ability to help you manage your business finances effectively. Besides assisting in budget management and financial reporting, Aspire offers numerous benefits, and free interbank money transfers are just one of them.

As a business owner, you are offered two types of business account packages. First, there is the BA Lite option, which can be obtained for free just by opening an Aspire account. With BA Lite, you can enjoy 200 free multi-currency bank transfers (USD, SGD, and IDR), transparent international money transfers, a corporate debit card, and other benefits like a 1% cashback with no transaction limits. To find out more about Aspire and gain valuable insights into business financial management and running a company, you can explore the Aspire blog!

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