Together with Aspire: Trihill Capital Streamlines Expense Management for Portfolio Companies

Published on
April 26, 2024

Benefits of partnering with Aspire: 

  • Offer Trihill Capital’s portfolio with an all-in-one account for all their finance and expense management needs.
  • Co-marketing opportunity for Trihill Capital to get more exposure in the startup community across South East Asia region

About Trihill Capital: A multi-asset investment firm with a focus on early to growth-stage ventures in Southeast Asia and global public equities

The Challenges: How to improve finance operations for Trihill Capital’s portfolios

Trihill Capital has been thriving in identifying promising companies in both private companies. It invests in companies that solve structural problems and has witnessed explosive growth in its portfolio companies. However, this growth presents a challenge: scaling its support to portfolio companies effectively. As they progress, their financial ops become more complex. Budgetary planning, forecasting, and cash flow management transform from basic spreadsheets to intricate financial models.

Furthermore, information disparity often creates blind spots for management. Early-stage companies might rely on simple financial tools like spreadsheets, making it difficult for Trihill Capital to gain a clear and standardized view of their financial health. This lack of consistent data hinders the ability of the investor to identify issues and provide timely support.

Trihill Capital then looks for a partner that can help streamline and simplify the finance operations of portfolio companies, especially in cash flow management.

The Solution: 

Trihill Capital recognizes the critical role that financial management plays in the success of their portfolio companies. Partnering with Aspire, an all-in-one finance platform, equips portfolio companies with more tools and support they need as they grow.

Aspire's platform streamlines financial operations for younger companies. With features like automated expense management, real-time cash flow tracking, and simplified bill payments, founders can dedicate more time and energy to core business activities. 

Beyond streamlining finance ops, the partnership often fosters more targeted discussions between Trihill Capital and its portfolio companies. By providing access to new financial tools and insights, Trihill Capital demonstrates a commitment to the long-term success of its portfolio companies. This collaborative approach strengthens communication and trust.

“Finance and accounting operations play a crucial role in bringing transparency and integrity to financial data. This ensures board directors devise mid-to-long-term corporate strategies and top management makes the right decisions. 

Additionally, reliable financial operations bring visibility to current financial resources, allowing management to improve efficiencies.

Aspire is a reliable partner to support our portfolio companies in achieving this. Our portfolio companies can now confidently pursue their goals, knowing that they have a reliable and dedicated ally by their side.”

-Alwyn Rusli, Investor at Trihill Capital

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