20% discount on Premium Membership
20% discount on Premium Membership
All In One Entrepreneur Platform with tools and solutions for Startups, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers
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About Us

Doerscircle is an All In One Entrepreneur Platform offering tools and solutions rethought for and tailored to the needs of Independent Doers – entrepreneurs, startuppers and freelancers – globally.

With nearly 50% of the global workforce being self-employed and the world continuously evolving, the way we work, perceive work and structure our lives is tremendously changing.

Yet the world is to a very great extent still designed by corporates, for corporates and for corporate employees, not tailored to the individual.

This leaves us, Independent Doers, facing higher prices when it comes to solutions and services like insurance, healthcare, banking facilities, software subscription plans and much more.

We want to bring balance into the system, and give a peace of mind to all Independent Doers around the globe – allowing us to focus our time and energy on what truly matters, what we do best, growing our businesses and thereby create greater positive impact.

Our All In One Entrepreneur Platform:

  1. Saves you time and money with pre-negotiated rates for services and solutions tailored to your needs.
  2. Supports your growth by connecting you to a community where you can learn and thrive.
  3. Provides you with free benefits from coffee to gym memberships.

We simply believe that Independent Doers are the backbone of the future workforce! We believe in you! And we believe in doing things differently – in order to challenge the status quo. That’s what really drives and motivates us.

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We will be offering Aspire clients a 20% discount on their Premium Membership at Doerscircle.

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