$30 shipping credits
$30 shipping credits
EZIE App is an ecommerce enabler that provides multiple solutions to address the needs of online businesses.
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About Us

We take pride in introducing the ECOMMERCE SUPER APP that offers a one-stop solution to drive ecommerce business performance.

From cheapest courier service to operation management to marketing, and ecommerce financing; we run on a day to day basis by experienced industry professionals. We bring together the best technology and the most passionate team to create an incredible results that every ecommerce store owner dreams off. We want to help them to help us. We want to grow together, and we can help them boost the business throughout the solutions by offering our below mentioned services:

1.          Logistics (Lazada Courier, Carousell Courier, Overseas Courier Service, and Much More)

2.         Operation Management (Automation with e-commerce shops such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopee, and Lazada)

3.         Marketing (Keyword Research, On-Page Optimisation, and Much More)

4.         Finance (micro-loan and in-transit parcel protection program).

It’s time to let us simply your ecommerce business and make it a huge success. ECOMMERCE SUPER APP save lots of time and energy on fulfilling. Instead, let us handle the most time-consuming part, and you can keep focusing on scaling your business.

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$30 shipping credits or 2 months free storage

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