MEGAPOS provides an easy to use & feature-rich POS system that are highly integrable with third party solutions and payment methods.

About Us

MEGAPOS has worked with merchants in the retail, F&B and beauty and wellness industry for the past 17 years and is the go-to POS vendor for thousands of businesses in Singapore.

We combine our vast experience in the POS industry and tap into our team's expertise to constantly innovate and provide the most user friendly and feature-rich POS system in the industry, that integrates with various third party solutions to streamline our client's operational processes for efficiency and lower manpower dependency.

MEGAPOS is proud to have our solutions pre approved by IMDA for the various government grants available to assist merchants like you, to kick start your digitalization journey.

Our Aim

MEGAPOS aims to consistently provide our clients with a reliable, user friendly and an all-in-one POS solution that helps merchants like enjoy fuss free management outlet operations allowing our clients to focus on selling more.

Reward Details

Aspire card users will be eligible for a cash back of 10% on all payments made to MegaPOS via the Aspire debit card, capped at SGD2000 spends within 90 days upon Aspire email confirmation.

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Aspire users and new to MegaPOS businesses

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