5 Reasons Why Every Modern Business Needs to Have a Digital Business Account

March 8, 2021

Modern business owners have a lot to worry about. Salaries, payments, accounting, you name it. 

Wouldn’t it be ideal in a world where business financial needs can be quickly and easily managed? Wouldn’t you like to focus your business’ most important matters: your customers, your products, and your team? 

Here’s where digital business accounts come in. 

Their integrated features and new offerings have proven to bring about significant time and cost savings. 

But how does this work?

It’s pretty simple. By the end of this article, you will learn about the benefits of a digital business account, and how it helps you save time, save money and grow your business.

Time Savings with a Digital Business Account

Time is finite and we all want more of it. Using a Digital business account helps us to get some of our valuable time back. Here’s how:

1. Multi-User Access

With a digital business account, you can allow access to multiple team members. This helps you efficiently delegate roles and tasks across the team, and easily approve transactions, transfers and manage the team’s budget.

2. Everybody gets a Virtual Card

You can save even more time by empowering your team with unlimited virtual cards. This way, each employee has control of funds in a safe and secure manner, while you save hours on bookkeeping and claims management.

The best part? You can save even more time by starting an Aspire Business Account within just 5 minutes, without stepping a foot out of your home. 

Save Money with a Digital Business Account

Cost savings is another huge priority for every business owner. A digital business account helps you achieve this, and much more.

3. Monthly fees? Zero

Another key benefit for digital business accounts is their low to zero fees.

In fact, the Aspire Business Account doesn’t have any minimum deposit or minimum balances. Fall-below and monthly fees? You guessed it, zero too! This transparent pricing policy is something we take pride in here at Aspire.

4. Earn cashback as you spend

Not only can you save money on fees, but there are also other ways you can save money with a digital business account.

At Aspire, you receive a 1% cashback to your account as you spend on your digital services and tools. Now, you can even earn cashback when you run Google Ads, pay for Shopify or when you use your other favorite digital services. 

Grow Your Business with a Digital Business Account

5. Exclusive platform partners and rewards

With Aspire Business Account, you can also gain access to a whole treasure trove of partner rewards when you sign up. These partners include major payment processors like Stripe, popular accounting softwares like Xero, and many more. 

Signing up for an Aspire Business Account provides member benefits of over $50,000 in value. Use these rewards and business tools to accelerate your business growth to the next level.

Ready to get started?

There you have it! The Aspire Business account saves you time, money and grows your business. Signing up is also completely free, with no minimum deposits or balance. 

Still not convinced? Just look at Thuocsi, a Vietnamese pharmaceutical distribution company that saved 100 hours after using Aspire Business Account.

If you are a modern business looking to grow, experience these benefits of our digital business account for yourself today.

Ready to get started?
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