Amazon x Aspire: How To Take Your E-Commerce Business To The Next Level (Singapore Seller Summit 2022)

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December 19, 2023

Last Friday, Aspire was front and centre at this year’s Amazon Singapore Seller Summit to help empower e-commerce entrepreneurs. As one of the leading sponsors and speakers at the conference, Aspire was joined by other industry frontrunners such as Aramex, Xero and ChannelAdvisor to speak at the virtual event. 

The Amazon Singapore Seller Summit is an annual conference that brings together experts across a range of industries to share insightful strategies that would take your Amazon business to the next level across e-commerce topics such as advertising, shipping & fulfilment and growing your business.

Over 4,000 attendees tuned in to Aspire’s panel where our Regional Business Development Lead, Brenda Shee, spoke about cutting edge financial solutions to Grow Your Store By Eliminating Financial Complexities. There, she also introduced the newly launched Aspire E-Commerce Card and how it can help supercharge e-commerce growth by digitizing your business finances.

If you’re an e-commerce seller or an entrepreneur who is thinking about taking the leap and launching your first business on Amazon, these are some of the top key takeaways from Aspire’s speaking panel: 

  1. Digitizing your store’s finances can help gain powerful business insights

Gathering and analyzing data is a powerful way to gain insights about your business. This is also how you can stay on top of the ins and outs of your business performance as well as important aspects of your business such as managing healthy cash flow.

  1. Aspire has the tools you need to scale your business quickly

Here, Brenda shared that implementing the right platform with collaborative tools between team members is key to not just boosting transparency and speed within your business一it also prevents making errors that could be costly in the long run. For example, tracking expenses and setting limits gives you the peace of mind that you’ll always stay within budget.

  1. Power up your e-commerce business with the Aspire E-Commerce Card

 At Aspire, we understand that an ordinary corporate card doesn’t adequately meet the pressing needs of e-commerce sellers. Purchasing inventory from marketplaces, marketing your products, keeping up with multiple SaaS subscriptions and dealing with logistic providers一these are just some of the many things an e-commerce seller has to manage on a daily basis to run and grow the business.

That is why we launched the revolutionary Aspire E-Commerce Card to better serve e-commerce sellers with the tools and features that they need to grow their business.

Here’s how it works: 

  • It’s free一and comes with uncapped cashback

No sneaky fees here, it is completely free to sign up and you’re good to go in experiencing the full benefits of the Aspire E-Commerce Card as well as the fully digital Aspire Business Account. One of the many ways you can use the card is to unlock unlimited cashback on e-commerce essentials through merchants such as AWS, Mailchimp, Shopify, Facebook Ads, Amazon and logistic providers like DHL and Ninjavan.

  • Tap on market lowest FX fees

If dealing with overseas suppliers is part and parcel of your inventory management, this would be music to your ears. The Aspire E-Commerce card lets you save up to 5x compared to traditional banks due to its market lowest FX rates. 

  • Track expenses with ease

Signing up from the Aspire E-Commerce Card lets you track all your expenses and transactions through the all-in-one Aspire business account. By issuing one card per subscription, managing SaaS subscriptions and team expenses becomes a breeze. 

For example, Brenda shared that you can issue a card just for your Amazon payments and another card for your Adobe subscription. This allows you to see all the specific transactions that come in for each merchant, all at one go. 

  • Stay in control of your spending at all times

Costly surprises are one of the biggest challenges when it comes to running your e-commerce business. With the Aspire E-Commerce Card, you can set spend limits, cancel the card or even freeze it at anytime一with just one click. 

  • Avoid pesky marketing interruptions 

With Aspire, you can issue multiple cards to avoid any downtime or unexpected card freezes, especially when you’re marketing or running promotions on multiple platforms such as Amazon, Facebook and Instagram ads. 

  • Issue a card for every member on your team 

There are a slew of perks when it comes to leveraging Aspire's multi-user feature which issues a card for each team member. Once you’ve set the predetermined budgets, this ensures that the approval process is seamless and encourages your team to make their own purchasing decisions. 

As the individual owner of their own card, they would receive real-time notifications and OTPs directly, sparing them from the scramble involved with asking for OTPs that have already expired with a shared card. 

In conclusion: Save time and money by having all your finances on one powerful platform

Businesses with an Aspire business account have shared that they’ve saved more than 20 hours per month, effectively making their operations more efficient and seamless in the process. To save even more time, eliminate hardcopy submissions in your claim procedure. Thanks to Aspire’s Invoices feature, your team can now upload receipts directly from their phones. This way, your finance team can close the books in half the time as Aspire syncs easily with popular accounting softwares such as Xero and QuickBooks. 

By having full visibility on all aspects of your business finances, it would empower you to make the best decisions for your business and ultimately reach your fullest potential as an e-commerce entrepreneur. 

Limited time offer

Get up to S$500 cash back* on your e-commerce business expenses when you sign up with the promo code "AMZN2201" by 20 January 2022. Complete a qualified spend of S$5 to get the first S$250 cash back. Issue a new card, and then spend S$5 at a qualified merchant to get another S$250. Offer until 31st January 2022.

*Terms apply.

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