Create Gift Cards for Free: ASPIRE Launches COVID-19 Support for SMEs

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December 28, 2023

Aspire, the Y-combinator backed Fintech who wants to reinvent SME banking across Southeast Asia, has launched a COVID-19 relief campaign for small local businesses. The initiative aims to support businesses by providing a platform to create Gift & Loyalty cards for sale, and flatten the curve of lost income due to the current downtime economy.

“Think about a loyalty card for your favourite hair salon or cake shop at 25% discount. You can get it online in a few clicks and for one entire year you are all set. You can use it for yourself, or even send it as a gift to your loved ones. All 100% online via Aspire Account. The beauty of it is that it allows for immediate SMEs income in the time they most need it.” said Aspire’s CEO, Andrea Baronchelli.

SMEs can create gift cards in just a few clicks directly via Aspire Business Account or follow the link here. Gift cards can be shared through a unique link via social media and customers can pay directly online. Payments for successful Gift Card purchases will reach the business within 3 working days and Aspire will charge zero fees. Business owners can track their earnings real time from the number of Gift & Loyalty cards they sold on their Gift Card dashboard.

Each gift card can be valued from $5 to up to $5,000 depending on each business’ needs. The validity period of each card can be set between 1 to 12 months. Business owners can make changes and update details of the card can be done at any time. Creating an Aspire Business Account is free and can be completed online within minutes.

About Aspire

Aspire is a leading SME-focused Fintech serving a new generation of digital-savvy businesses with a mobile-first digital business account across Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Founded in January 2018 by former Lazada founders and executives, the company graduated fromY Combinator Winter 2018 batch and it is part of the YC Continuity Growth Program Winter 2020.

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