How to use Google Pay in Singapore as a Business Owner

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Marissa Saini
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December 19, 2023

Paying with your phone sounds interesting, but how do you begin using Google Pay?

Google Pay is an e-wallet application that allows users to store their credit and debit cards as virtual cards. This effectively erases the need to ever bring a wallet out with you.

If you haven’t figured out by now, Google Pay uses near-field communication for payments. All it takes is a quick scan of your virtual card and you’ll be done with your purchases.

Google Pay tokenises your card information, locking your real card information away in their cloud system.

Check out how secure using Google Pay in Singapore is.

It’s overall safer to pay using Google Pay than with your actual physical card, which is why many business owners are switching to Google Pay. Other than payment for offline and online purchases, users can also use Google Pay for peer-to-peer transactions and enjoy rewards.

No more digging through bags to find your cards. With Google Pay, your checkout process is hassle free.  

Wondering how to use Google Pay for your business transactions?

Starting a Google Pay account is easy. Follow these steps to set up your e-wallet:

  1. Download the Google Pay app (works for iOS/Android)
  2. Log into your Google account
  3. Tap payment methods and enter your card details either manually, or by snapping a photo
  4. Wait for verification
  5. Pay at any contactless payment merchants by unlocking your phone

To complete purchases online using Google Pay:

  1. Look for the Google Pay checkout payment option
  2. You’ll probably be prompted to confirm the card you’re using, before the payment is verified

As a business owner, you probably make several bulk purchases every day. The best part about using Google Pay for online purchases is not having to type in your card details again and again. That saves you time and makes for better protection against fraud.

A day using Google Pay, as a business owner

Google Pay can save you time, money, and headaches when it comes to making online and offline payments. You can even use it for business cards!

As the app has several unique features to the Singaporean market, we’ll take you through what a day in a life with Google Pay is like!

1. Travel to your business meetings using Google Pay

Travel via MRT using Google pay in Singapore

We all know that travelling on public transport during peak hour is crazy. So why put yourself through the embarrassment of holding up the MRT gantry line when you could just tap your phone?

Simply add a card you’d want to charge your transportation fees to, use your phone as an EZLINK when boarding and exiting buses or the MRT.

Breeze through your commute with Google Pay. P.S. It’s especially good when you’re running late for client meetings.

2. Entertain clients over lunch or dinner meetings

client meetings using google pay in singapore

So you’ve forgotten your wallet, and you’re supposed to be footing the bill for your client meeting. Well with Google Pay, you’ll never have to sit through an awkward conversation again.

Google Pay stores cards from all major Singaporean banks, and it’s compatible with any merchant that offers contactless placement. If you know Singapore, that’s pretty much almost everywhere in town.

You’ll be entertaining your clients with ease and style when you use Google Pay.  

3. Transfer funds with ease

transfer funds to business partners and suppliers using google pay

If you’re a small business owner, or an employee of a company, chances are you’ll have to make many business transactions throughout the day. Google Pay allows you to store your business cards, making it more convenient to transact and receive payments.

The PayNow integrated platform allows you to send and receive funds extremely quickly. Now, users will be able to pay merchants using Google Pay Singapore through UEN or Paynow QR Codes.

Whether you’re rushing out payments in between meetings or splitting the bill with colleagues after lunch, Google Pay is a fuss-free payment platform for your business needs.

4. Unwind with entertainment

get the best movie deals with google pay

It might seem like Google Pay is a purely payments app, but that really isn’t the case.

Let’s say you’re itching to get dinner, but you’re still at the office. Well, jump ahead of the dinner crowd with Google Pay! Order your favourite meal in advance at a host of restaurants, and head down to grab it once you’re done with work.

Google Pay can also help to jumpstart your weekend plans. Find showtimes, book seats, and store your movie tickets all within the Google Pay app.

5. Earn rewards while you’re at it

earn great rewards when you use google pay

Who doesn’t want to earn rewards while on the job? Google Pay is home to a unique rewards scheme—scratch cards. Making transactions of different amounts on Google Pay entitles you to scratch cards of varying prices. In store payments, peer-to-peer transactions, and food orders usually qualify for this reward.

That means you’ll get to save while you spend, even while making business related purchases. The scratch card value changes with Google’s promotions. So download the app and keep your eyes peeled for more amazing deals!

Business and pleasure made easier with Google Pay

It’s undeniable that contactless payments are becoming more popular. Why make payments a hassle? With Google Pay, you’ll be able to make and track business expenses and leisure expenses.

Good news. Aspire is now integrated with Google Pay! You can now make payments online, and in brick and mortar stores when you use the Aspire Visa Card on Google Pay. Streamline your business transactions, and save while you’re at it. Get started with Aspire today!

Aspire card now on Google Pay

Targeted at modern entrepreneurs, Aspire brings the fastest and simplest business banking experience to SMEs. Aspire customers to have an additional option of completing their payments via Google Pay on Visa-accepted terminals. With its virtual corporate cards being made available on Google Pay, business owners can now go green and pay on POS devices, and online, without the need for a physical card.

Visa’s and Google Pay’s NFC feature provides Aspire customers with a seamless and convenient payment process with maximum security. Businesses can confirm and complete in-store and online purchase without having to enter their payment information again, which enables faster checkout.

So you’ve seen Google Pay being thrown around in news articles, and heard it’s the next best contactless payment. Well, word on the street’s that Google Pay has landed in Singapore, and is fast becoming one of the more preferred payment methods on the island.

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