Google Pay in Singapore: Is It Secure?

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Marissa Saini
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December 19, 2023

Are you a Google user? Whether it’s typing in a quick search, or collaborating on projects on Google Docs, we can’t deny that Google products are everywhere!

Their latest product, Google Pay, was introduced in Singapore in 2018 and has been steadily gaining popularity. Similar to ApplePay, Google Pay acts as an e-wallet on your smartphone.

As an online payment platform, users of Google Pay in Singapore can load physical credit cards into this virtual wallet. This automatically transforms their smartphones into a one stop shop for all their payment needs.

Google Pay is also integrated with a multitude of international cards, which users can use to pay for both their online and offline purchases.

What’s the difference between using ApplePay and Google Pay in Singapore?

Differences between apple pay and google pay

Both applications are pretty similar in terms of the services they offer. These two apps leverage on near field communication (NFC), which allows for contactless payments.

But unlike ApplePay, using GooglePay in Singapore comes with a host of unique features, including:

  • Being available for both iOS and Android users
  • Peer-to-peer transfers to a phone number or email address, even to people without GooglePay
  • Ease of transaction: you simply need to unlock the app when paying for items
  • Loyalty offers such as scratch cards

Is it secure to use Google Pay in Singapore?

Make secure payments with Google Pay in Singapore

It’s completely normal to have reservations about using Google in Singapore for payment, especially when you’ll be loading many of your cards into the app.

But fret not! Google Pay comes equipped with security features to make sure your transactions are as safe as possible.

1. Google card encryption

Unlike using a physical card for online payments, paying with a virtual card through Google Pay is way more secure. This is because your credit card information is never shared with the merchants you’re buying from.

Instead, Google stores your information on its servers using strong encryption technology. A special number is generated to stand-in for your actual bank details. What’s great about this is that your card details are safely stored away from potential hackers and scammers.

This encryption is also used when you’re purchasing goods in store. The NFC feature in Google Pay shares a similar surrogate number, instead of your actual card details.

2. Fraud protection

Another great thing about using Google Pay in Singapore is its fraud protection features. As your cards are stored virtually, there is almost no chance that your credit card information can be stolen in the event of a ‘lost card’.

Most purchases made whether offline or online will also require you to unlock your phone. With biometric identification required on most smartphones, this drives down the possibility of anyone accessing your information too.

Finally, your device has to be equipped with an automatic screen lock before Google Pay can be used. In the event that this screen lock is disabled, Google Pay will automatically remove your account details.

Streamline your business payments with Google Pay

If you’re a business owner, chances are you spend around 20% of your day deciding on expenses. It can be a real hassle to enter your business card details into various supplier websites over and over again.

With Google Pay, you’ll no longer have to. Whether it’s placing bulk orders online, or bringing your clients out for a lunch meeting, pay for your purchases in three seconds!

Business cards like Aspire’s Visa Card are now fully integrated into Google Pay! The Aspire virtual card can now be used to make business purchases offline too.

The best part? You won’t have to worry about card security. Other than Google Pay’s security features, your Aspire Visa Card comes equipped with real-time spend notifications and advanced fraud protection.

Business payments have never been easier. Get your Aspire Visa Card today.

Great news, Aspire Card is now available on Google Pay

Aspire card now on Google Pay

Targeted at modern entrepreneurs, Aspire brings the fastest and simplest business account experience to SMEs. Aspire customers to have an additional option of completing their payments via Google Pay on Visa-accepted terminals. With its virtual corporate cards being made available on Google Pay, business owners can now go green and pay on POS devices, and online, without the need for a physical card.

Visa’s and Google Pay’s NFC feature provides Aspire customers with a seamless and convenient payment process with maximum security. Businesses can confirm and complete in-store and online purchase without having to enter their payment information again, which enables faster checkout.

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