January Release Notes

Written by
Aaron Oh
Last Modified on
May 9, 2024

In 2023, we elevated our offerings with enhanced multi-currency capabilities, including GBP and EUR accounts, introduced GIRO and PayNow for seamless salary payments and refined our claims review workflows for greater granularity. 

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Make faster business decisions with powerful Analytics

Our latest analytics feature equips businesses with robust, data-driven decision-making tools at their fingertips—delivering a streamlined view of cash flow, actionable insights from spending data, and customizable financial dashboards for granular monitoring.

👁️ Gain insight into your cash flow trends

🔝 Easily keep track of your Bills and Receivables

⏬️ Identify top cost contributors and deep dive into spending data with multi-level filtering

Gain greater control with enhanced Merchant Category and Currency Locks

Need to restrict card spending to a specific type? You can now:

  • Allow or block card spends on specific merchant categories, such as travel or dining, as well as on individual merchants.
  • Restrict card spend to specific currencies, and minimize risk of unauthorized transactions.

Make expenses and claims submissions painless with Auto-receipt match

Simplify submitting expenses and claims after a business trip with ease. When you have a ton of receipts to submit, just share them directly with the Aspire app or forward via email. Your receipts will seamlessly match with transactions—no login to Aspire required.

As always, if you’ve any product features that you’d like to see, click here.

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