[June Edition] What’s New At Aspire?

June 30, 2021

Are you ready to jumpstart the next half of 2021? Because we sure are. We’ve got some exciting updates to help you grow and manage your business from all in one place. Start the second half of 2021 right and discover new ways to drive your business forward so you can make your next big move.

1. Introducing new Unified Transfer flow

We have revamped the Aspire transfer experience to give our users a more intuitive, simpler, and seamless transfer experience. This update comes after receiving your valuable feedback, and as part of our continuous push to create a better user experience for our users.

Here are some interesting updates that you can look forward to:

🔋 Faster, easier, and unified access

🧭 Clearer terminology and a single search experience

🌏 Simplified process of adding a new recipient

From the home screen, users will be taken to a new unified transfer flow which allows you to make both local and international transfers via our payment partners. Click here to find out more.

2. Schedule transfers now live on mobile

We know how much time our users spend on their mobile, so here’s some good news for you! Users can now schedule a one-off or recurring transfer from both their Aspire desktop and mobile app. So whether it’s a standing instruction to pay staff salaries, or a one-off payment to a supplier at the end of the month, you can set up and schedule transfers on the go—straight from your Aspire mobile app.

3. Approve payments anytime, anywhere

Payment approval workflow is now live on mobile. Once the Finance (Submit only) user sets up a local transfer, Admins can now view and approve transfers directly from their Aspire mobile app. Enjoy the added convenience when you get to approve payments while on the move, and never miss a payment again!

What’s more, transfers that are submitted through Aspire Bill Pay can now be approved on mobile as well. And if you haven't tried out this feature, find out more here and start automating your invoice payments simply by forwarding an email today! You can thank us later. 😄

That’s a wrap! We’ll be back with more new features and updates next month. If you like what you saw and you’re still not a customer of Aspire, quickly sign up now for an Aspire business account and try them out.

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