Introducing EUR Multi-Currency Accounts with Aspire to Elevate Your Global Financial Capabilities

Published on
October 10, 2023
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Daniel Ling
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Introducing EUR Multi-Currency Accounts with Aspire to Elevate Your Global Financial Capabilities
Discover Aspire’s EUR Multi-Currency Accounts to help your business save time and money, and increase flexibility for cross-border transactions.
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At Aspire, our mission has always been to empower business owners to scale their companies by removing the friction of money.

Today, we’re proud to be expanding our multi-currency account offerings to support our clients taking the next step towards their cross-border business aspirations.  Aspire users can now open EUR accounts instantly, in addition to our existing offering of USD, SGD and IDR multi-currency accounts, all at no extra cost. 

Businesses are increasingly engaged in international trade, cross-border transactions, and global operations. Yet, they often grapple with steep currency conversion fees, currency fluctuation risks, and cumbersome cross-border transactions. To meet these financial challenges, we've designed our multi-currency accounts to provide the convenience, flexibility, and cost-efficiency required for businesses to seamlessly manage multiple currencies and thrive on the global stage.

EUR Account Features

With an Aspire EUR account, users will be able to send, hold, and receive EUR directly from their Aspire app.

  • Send and Receive EUR for Free
  1. Enjoy free inbound and outbound EUR transfers to SEPA countries, which will typically take only 1-2 business days.
  2. Receive EUR via your own unique local account details.
  • Make Affordable FX payments to AUD, CAD, GBP, and 20+ currencies with zero SWIFT charges.
  • Hold a EUR Balance to avoid frequent conversion losses. Your funds will be safeguarded with a Tier-1 bank in Singapore.

This will allow users to minimise fees on their international business payments, enjoy the convenience of reliable, same-day settlement, and easily manage multiple currencies from a single account. 

Associated Fees and Charges

The EUR account will be available to Aspire users with an active SGD account and business incorporated in SG with no additional cost. 

We offer a low-cost transfer fee structure, designed to help your business save on international transactions. Refer to our FAQs for more information on associated fees.

How to Open Your Euro Account

We invite you to open your free Aspire EUR Account here. There are no account opening fees, monthly fees, or minimum transaction requirements. 

If you already have an Aspire account, proceed with the following steps to activate your EUR Multi-Currency Accounts in your Aspire account at no extra charge.

  1. From the homepage, click on "Open account in a new currency"
  2. Click on "EUR Account", then hit "Open EUR account"

Empowered with the ability to hold EUR and other major currencies, along with the benefits and cost savings of our Multi-Currency Accounts, businesses can excel in the global marketplace. Stay tuned for more updates from Aspire.

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