Low on Budget? Here are the 20 Low-Cost Marketing Channels

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July 14, 2020
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Zachary Pestana
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Low on Budget? Here are the 20 Low-Cost Marketing Channels
Marketing your small business can get expensive, but it doesn't have to be! Here are 20 low-cost marketing channels you can use to grow your customers.
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Marketing strategy is one strategy that cannot be separated from the planning and development of a business. Sometimes companies set a sizeable proportion to market their products because this greatly influences the sales. However, for those of you who want to start a business on a small scale, of course, you need low-cost marketing ideas so you can save your capital and minimize expenses. Let's look at some of such marketing ideas.

20 Low-Cost Marketing Channels

1. Brochure

This method is very conventional, but it is still quite effective. We can save money by choosing brochure materials which are not too thick. In this way, we can save money on printing and information can still be conveyed properly.

2. Share a discount voucher

Free or trial discounts can also be one of the low-cost marketing choices. By printing vouchers, you can invite prospective clients to come to your business location and try the products you offer. You can include the voucher into the brochure that you printed. However, make sure that the voucher is not easily faked. Then, share the voucher with potential clients.

3. Logo and tagline

In addition to branding and product identity, logos and taglines are also useful in product marketing. The more unique and interesting the logo and tagline that you make, the better they can attract the attention of the clients.

4. Name card

Unique and attractive business card designs can also be one method of marketing with low budget. You can share these business cards with relatives and potential clients around you. You can also deposit your business card at your business partners’ places.

5. Car or motorcycle stickers

In addition to brochures and business cards, printing stickers for cars or motorbikes is also a pretty good marketing suggestion because cars and other motorized vehicles are very high in mobility, so they have a higher chance of being seen by people.

6. Website

Next is marketing through the website. Make a simple website that contains useful information. Set a theme for content for you to write and include them on your website in accordance with your business. So, you can provide more information about your product.

7. Instagram

Simply by entering beautiful photos or interesting designs on your Instagram account, you can market your product effectively. In addition, Instagram is also equipped with a business profile where you can request Instagram services to promote your products. Through this feature, your account will appear more frequently on the user's Instagram page.

8. Blog

Interesting articles, of course, attract many readers. If you do not have enough time to manage a blog, you can use bloggers who already have a large number of subscribers. Ask them to give a review of your product. You can also register your ad to be used as a PPC ad (Pay Per Click) which will appear on blogs with a large number of visitors. You can adjust the cost to suit your marketing budget.

9. Twitter

Marketing via Twitter is also quite effective. Write a short and interesting ad and include a link to drop in to your social media accounts that contain more complete information about your product.

10. Facebook

Facebook has the second largest number of users in Indonesia for social media. You can take advantage of PPC (pay per click) advertising services on Facebook at affordable prices, starting at just ten thousand rupiah.

11. YouTube

As the social media platform with the highest number of users in Indonesia, YouTube is obviously an effective marketing channel. To do marketing through Youtube, you can try by making a video tutorial about the business you are currently in. You can also share business ideas via video. The more your videos can inspire people, the more viewers will know about your business.

12. Email

You can also use emails to blast out information on your business. You can get the client's email addresses when people come to use the discount vouchers that you are promoting. In addition, you can create a form on your blog page where readers can register their email addresses.

13. Hold online contest or giveaway

Take advantage of your social media accounts to create online contests that offer prizes. In the contests, you can make a requirement that participants must share information about this contest with their friends.

14. Hold seminars or workshops

Create a free or paid seminar or workshop at a low cost to attract more consumers. Invite relevant people who are experienced in their fields. You can take advantage of this seminar session to present an interesting presentation about your business products.

15. Free consultation

You can also try to provide free consultation services according to the expertise and the business you are currently in. Through consultation, you can find out the needs of prospective customers in more details, which is certainly useful for the growth of your business. Persuasive skills in consulting are also needed to instill interests in your product.

16. Become an event sponsor

Becoming a sponsor in an event does not always have to use large budget. You can choose a sponsor package that fits your budget. Through event sponsorship, you may get the opportunity to put an ad in the event book, put up a banner, or maybe open a sales stand.

17. Make an exhibition stand

Look for strategic places or places with a lot of visitors to open a promotional stand. Make sure people who come to these places are in accordance with your target market.

18. Forum and community

Do not hesitate to join many communities and forums. Apart from being free of charge, you can definitely get many new acquaintances who have the potential to become your prospective clients.

19. Offer discounts for new customers

Make a promotional program in the form of discounts for new customers or for customers who introduce your product to new people.

20. Create and update your marketing plan

Finally, always evaluate the marketing strategy that you have done. Stop any promotions that are less effective and do not be afraid to start a new marketing campaign to expand your product marketing. Make new innovations and stay consistent with what you have done.


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