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We understand how busy business owners are, hence we’ve taken the initiative to consolidate all updates into one to give you easy access to product updates, and to help you save time. Read on to learn more about Aspire Product Update Recap - May Edition.

1. Automate your invoice payments with Bill Pay

Automate your invoice payments with Aspire Bill Pay

Introducing Aspire Bill Pay, an AI-assistant designed to help you remove the manual process of setting up invoice payments. Simply forward your invoices to us and we’ll have the payment prepared in your Aspire account. Now all you’re left with is to login and approve the payment. Find out more here.

Save time and reduce risk of error at no additional cost when you automate invoice payments with Bill Pay today!

2. Reimagine corporate expense with Aspire Cards — Now for the whole team

Reimagine corporate expense with Aspire Cards — Now for the whole team

Getting corporate cards may seem simple, but it’s actually not easy. With physical branch visits, long waiting time, and forms after forms, it’s definitely not the best use of your time.

You can now issue unlimited corporate cards to your employees all from your Aspire app. It’s easy, fast, and most importantly—free. Empower your employees with their own Aspire corporate cards and say goodbye to manual claims processing! Read more on the blog.

3. Transfer descriptions now available in transaction email notifications

Transfer descriptions now available in transaction email notifications

We improved the transaction email notifications by adding the Transaction Description (or sometimes known as ‘Reference’). This improvement will give you added convenience because you need not login to find out what the payment is for. You can simply open the email notification and verify the transfer description.

4. Sender name now available on inbound telegraphic transfers GIRO transfers

All inbound telegraphic transfers and inbound GIRO transfers will now have the original Sender Name reflected in the transaction. This update will give you clearer visibility as to who the transfer was from—specifically for inbound telegraphic transfers and GIRO transfers.

More new features and updates next month

We hope you enjoyed your first edition of Aspire Product Update Recap. As always, if you’ve any product features that you’d like to see or if you’d like to see our product roadmap, click on the image below:

Aspire Singapore Feature Request Product Roadmap

If you like what you saw and you’re still not a customer of Aspire, quickly sign up now for an Aspire business account and try them out!

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