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May 9, 2024

With a tech-savvy population with increasing disposable income and a mature digital infrastructure, the e-commerce industry in Singapore continues to thrive. Some of the top product categories in e-commerce include fashion and beauty, personal care, consumer electronics, toys, and DIY. As more and more new products start to pop up on the Internet, we have compiled some of the top best selling products to sell in this article.

Best Selling Products Online to Target Women:

1. Shapewear

Shapewear | Best Selling Products Online to Target Women

In the past few years, shapewear has been rapidly increasing in popularity and is expected to increase even further. By the year 2022, the shapewear market is projected to reach around $5.6 million. This trending product is worn underneath the clothing and creates a more slimming appearance for women. If you plan to add shapewear to your e-commerce store, do offer them in a wide variety of designs and styles. To market shapewear effectively, it is important to target the right customer segment and be more creative in your brand messaging. Women who have just given birth are typically the ideal audience for such a product.

2. Athleisure

Atheleisure | Best Selling Products Online to Target Women

Athleisure has been part of many trending product lists for a number of years now. From leggings to sport bras, these comfortable clothing are great for working out in the gym or lounging at home. Data has shown that the term ‘athleisure’ has strong search growth, and many brands are starting to introduce athleisure apparel in their store.

This is also a great product to market on social media platforms, where workout enthusiasts are your ideal target audience. Instagram and Facebook ads are great platforms to attract potential customers and entice them to make a purchase. In addition, the Aspire Corporate Card can also get you 1% cashback on your digital marketing spend, allowing you to optimize your marketing budget.

3. Ab Wheel Roller

Ab Wheel roller | Best Selling Products Online to Target Women

There are constantly new trends emerging in the fitness industry. Currently, the trend mostly revolves around workouts targeting the core and abs. There has been substantial growth recently for search terms such as ‘abs’ and higher sales for online stores in the health and fitness industry as well.

For this trending product, the best marketing channels are video based platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, where you can produce demonstration workout videos showcasing the product.

4. Inflatable Pet Collars

Inflatable Pet Collar | Best Selling Products Online to Target Women

Pet collars are steadily growing to be a new trend in the e-commerce market. Both dogs and cats use this during traveling or sleep. However, these inflatable pet collars are mainly for the purpose of protecting your pets from any face injuries or to help them recover quicker from an injury.

5. Anti-Snoring

Anti-Snoring | Best Selling Products Online to Target Women

Sleep apnea and snoring can be a huge issue, especially for couples. This makes anti-snoring products extremely attractive, as it helps to solve a real problem and encourages better sleep. Google Trends has shown a steady growth for the term ‘anti-snoring’. There are many online selling platforms you can use to dropship anti-snoring products. You will also see many other accessories like mouth guards and chin support straps that have thousands of orders.

Anti-snoring products are considered to be more search-based products. The most powerful way to market your brand will be to design many long form blog posts. You should have retargeting ads that feature your products constantly running.

6. Phone Cases

Phone Cases | Best Selling Products Online to Target Women

Phone cases have been steadily increasing in popularity, especially the silicone matte phone cases. One of the best things about selling phone cases is that there are always new styles and trends emerging. On Google Trends, it has been proven that keywords like ‘silicone phone case’ and ‘phone case’ are rising in search volume.

When it comes to marketing phone cases, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are very powerful. Not only can you design standard and retargeting Facebook ads to increase conversion rates, you can also collaborate with influencers to do a shoutout of your product.

7. Reusable Bags

Reusable bags | Best Selling Products Online to Target Women

As people are starting to become more environmentally conscious, the movement towards sustainable and reusable products will continue to grow. We have seen this growing trend since 2018, with the rise in popularity of reusable metal straws and the ban of plastic straws in restaurants. So, if you are planning to start an eco-friendly store, reusable bags are a great addition. Furthermore, data from Google Trends is showing a steady growth in reusable bag searches.

8. Ionic Hairbrush

Iconic Hairbrush | Best Selling Products Online to Target Women

Ionic hairbrushes are great for taming frizz while adding a shine and giving your hairstyle a more polished look. This trending product first rose in popularity in February 2019 and have been dominating Instagram feeds ever since July 2019. When it comes to promoting and marketing this product, creating video content is one of the most effective ways as it can clearly show how the hairbrush helps to remove static.

9. Phone Lenses

phone lenses | Best Selling Products Online to Target Women

Good phone lenses are widely available in many settings and allows you to capture better photographs. When selecting the ones to sell in your store, look for the ones with higher quality and order volume. Phone lenses have been available in the market for many years now and have been one of the top selling products on many drop-shipping stores. Known to allow photographers to capture mesmerizing pictures with simply a click of the button, phone lenses have earned a strong reputation in the mobile phone market. Google trends also show that they are steadily increasing in popularity and gaining higher market share.

10. Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture

kitchen furniture | Best Selling Products Online to Target Women

With more and more people working from home, we have seen massive shifts in people’s home environments. Paperwork lying all over the bed and messy countertops are examples of how disorganized work at home can lead to clutter. The challenge then is to create a space that is conducive and productive without interfering in the other aspects of one’s personal life. This is probably the main reason why there has been a rise in the sales of dining room and kitchen furniture, making it one of the best selling products you should sell.

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