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Yes, you may have the best products or splendid customer service that can nurture your businesses in Singapore, but all that by no means is applicable if there’s no brand awareness, customer engagement nor interaction that connects you with your end-users.

While many business owners are seeking for a more cost-efficient way to circumvent this issue, many have eventually turned their heads to digital marketing. So, here’s exactly what you need to know before settling down for a digital marketing agency in Singapore that pledges to bridge the gap.

What are the different types of digital marketing agency in Singapore?

Depending on your marketing needs, there’s a wide range of digital marketing agencies at your disposal. For example, if you’re looking to drive your social media presence and generate a bigger following for your business’s social media profiles, a social media agency is where you should focus your marketing dollars on. 

Alternatively, if your priority is to generate leads through online marketing efforts, the experts at a digital media agency would be helpful in creating pay-per-click ads and data reports so you can focus more on what your business does best.

Basis the services they provide, digital marketing agencies could focus on these verticals:

  • Social media marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 
  • Content marketing

Top digital marketing agency for each vertical 

As we touched on earlier, different digital marketing agencies may offer different strengths for specific verticals in marketing. To help you on your search, we narrow down the top marketing agencies for each vertical.

Top Social media agency in Singapore 

If you’re looking to grow your presence and following in your social media profiles, there are the digital marketing agencies that pride themselves on their social media expertise. 

  • First Page Digital Singapore
  • Digital Business Lab
  • Ant Team Social Media Marketing

Top SEO agency in Singapore 

SEO is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategies to get right. After all, it ensures that the digital presence of your business achieves maximum visibility. This is where you would need SEO pros to boost search results rankings.

  • Performics
  • Ant Team Social Media Marketing

Top SEM agency in Singapore

An essential marketing channel to boost web traffic and visibility, SEM combines the power of paid search, organic search and search rankings. With that in mind, these digital marketing agencies have SEM as one of their key focus areas.

  • First Page Digital Singapore
  • Purpleclick
  • 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency

Top Content marketing agency in Singapore

Not one to be overlooked, ensuring top-notch content marketing in your marketing strategy helps to establish brand authority, build trust with your prospects and more importantly, generate leads.

  • C.M.O. Media Lab
  • MediaOne
  • OOm

Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore

1. First Page Digital Singapore (FPD)

First Page Digital marketing agency in Singapore digital marketing agency singapore

SEO and SEM is the fundamental of digital marketing mainly because it taps on multiple elements that turn web traffics into potential conversions. And that’s exactly what this digital marketing in Singapore is able to provide. First Page Digital distinguished itself through its cutting-edge digital marketing strategies with solid proven results locally and internationally. Beyond that, as one of the pioneers in Singapore, FPD has the capability and resources to gather the most comprehensive data that’ll tailor their strategies to fit your brand’s requirements. If you’re completely new to this, here’s FPD’s free website health check that pinpoints your shortcomings.

2. Impossible Marketing

impossible marketing : infinite possibilities online digital marketing agency singapore

As a Google partner, this digital marketing agency in Singapore has evidently proven its success. Impossible Marketing emphasizes customer satisfaction without compromising its quality. It utilizes diverse digital marketing approaches to deliver targeted traffic and quality leads to client’s websites. If affordability is not convincing enough, Impossible Marketing results proven expertise on SEO, SEM, SMM, and even influencer marketing to do the justice of your choice. So, if you’re in the thirst for self-enrichment, the Online Marketing courses might be something you can look into as an alternative.

3. MediaOne

MediaOne digital marketing agency digital marketing agency singapore

With a successful collaboration over 2000 companies in Singapore and beyond, MediaOne is one of the best digital marketing companies that are capable of providing customized digital campaigns with a measurable ROI. As Singapore businesses aspire to gain competitive advantages in the digital cloud, digital marketers here can weave in complex yet innovative technical approaches involving branding, user-interface, and experience webs design to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors.

4. Performics

performics demand performance digital marketing agency singapore

Originally as an affiliate network, Performics has redefined itself in the marketing field through its SEO and SEM expertise. By emphasizing consumer and data, this digital marketing agency is capable of translating these marketing needs into engaging web visibility that most businesses are desired for. You can find a series of services on Performics that include affiliate marketing, media optimization, feeds, and more. Some of Performics includes the renowned L’Oreal, H&M, Samsung, Nestle, Rolex, and more.

5. Digital Business Lab (DBL)

Digital Business Lab logo digital marketing agency singapore

If you wish to strengthen your web position through social media channels, Digital Business Lab is ideal. As a social media specialized agency, you can find full-fledged digital marketing programs that reach your target audience in the right place and time. Regardless of B2B or B2C, DBL is able to channel your thoughts that are difficult to be reached through a leaflet into something far more appealing. Some of the brands that use DBL include AIA, Decathlon, Dior, Club Med, and more.

6. OOm

OOm digital marketing agency singapore

Beyond Small-Medium Enterprises (SME,) OOm is another digital marketing agency in Singapore that even the government agencies entrusted. OOm values transparency and honesty that delivers outstanding results in a most organic manner. Whether it is content marketing or creative solutions, OOm deliverables is promising. This agency is one of the few that provides digital solutions focusing on penetrating China’s popular search engine — Baidu.

7. Digital Marketing Buzz (DMB)

digital marketing buzz digital marketing agency singapore

As a locally owned and founded company, Digital Marketing Buzz is optimized for businesses with a primary focus on penetrating into Singapore’s marketplace. With experts over a decade of excellence, DMB specialized in link building, search engine reputation management, and even mobile apps development.

8. 8traordinary

8traordinary creative digital marketing agency in Singapore

Emphasizing on creativity and innovation, 8traordinary was founded to offer superlative services that is different from the rest. What to expect from this digital marketing agency includes a combination of integrated yet sophisticated methodology and consultancy for a favorable outcome. Recognized locally and internationally, some of the famous brands 8traordinary worked with include CapitaLand, Singapore Design Week, Millenia Walk, and so on.

9. Purpleclick

purple click digital marketing agency singapore

A full-service digital marketing agency, Purpleclick thrives with its passion to deliver the greatest solutions to your everyday marketing needs. It offers comprehensive yet performance-driven marketing strategies comprising Google Display Network, SEM, and more. Its award-winning services have earned them major clients like Harley-Davidson, UOB, SMRT, and more.

10. Happymarketer

happy marketer a merkle company digital marketing agency singapore

The perfect solution for e-commerce businesses in Singapore, Happymarketer specialized in maximizing your business goals through a series of strategic digital marketing and training. Explore the enticing SMM plans Happymarketer offers or sign up for its digital training to be savvy in running different digital marketing campaigns on your own. Its clients include Grab, Standard Chartered, Singtel, and so on.

11. Construct Digital (CD)

Contruct Digital marketing agency logo digital marketing agency singapore

In need of a data-driven agency that promises a marketing solution with results? Construct Digital is the answer. With the proven ROI and the effective reduction of lead cost for its B2B clients, CD uses multiplex channels and strategies to help business owners drive optimal sales and results.

12. Notion Age

notion age premium search marketing solutions digital marketing agency singapore

Notion Age offers a variety of digital marketing services that range from SEO, Email marketing, Interactive Web design, and more. If you intend to expand on content marketing, Notion Age provides flexible customization on the content management system (CMS) through WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Their clients include the Discovery Channel, Microsoft, MediaCorp, Resort World, and more.

13. Brave Bison

brave bison digital marketing agency singapore

This is a local and internationally recognized agency that sought to elevate your business with a unique marketing approach. So, if you’re in need to create brand awareness in a cutting-edge approach, that’s when Brave Bison comes into play. As one of the largest Youtube channel partners, this digital marketing agency is capable of delivering exceptional optimization services that will revolutionize your business in the most interactive yet effective ways. Some of the notable mentioned brands include P&G, LEGO, and Uniqlo.

14. Heroes of Digital

heroes of digital digital marketing agency singapore

Combining the sophisticated proprietary technology with digital marketing, Heroes of Digital is here to outdo itself. Data analysts here use integrated digital marketing strategies that associate machine learning (ML) technology to help a business owner in Singapore to obtain maximum ROI at the lowest cost. The marketing automation system is another additional security and layer that converts leads into potential clients with minimal efforts.

15. C.M.O Media Lab

cmo media lab digital marketing agency singapore

Confidence is what C.M.O Media Lab promised and to be delivered. C.M.O provides guaranteed increased web traffic, rankings, and visibility through a plethora of digital marketing approaches including the Local SEO that is proximity driven. Focusing on consumer journey with integrated solutions, C.M.O is prioritizing on converting these clicks into paying customers.


BRAFIC digital marketing agency singapore

Digital marketing and designs shared a deeper connection than you imagined. BRAFIC provides creative services that amalgamate digital marketing and design into something far more influencing. Explore the graphic designs, motion graphics with the combination of digital advertising for the revolutionary impact to seal the deal.

17. Black Spartans

black spartans digital marketing agency singapore

Whether you’re a corporate, MNC, or SME, Black Spartans provides tailored-made marketing campaigns that are cost-effective yet promising. Its marketing solutions are optimized for B2B and B2C businesses depending on your target audience. Some of Black Spartans customers including ERA House, Nanyang Technology University, Daume, and more.

18. 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency

2Stallions is a leading digital marketing agency based in Singapore, specialising in comprehensive digital solutions that drive business growth. With a versatile team of experts, we offer a wide range of services to meet your marketing needs. Our core services include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Advertising. We excel in Marketing Automation to streamline your marketing processes. At the same time, our Creative Services team brings your brand to life with innovative design. Additionally, we provide Website Development to ensure a seamless online experience for your customers. At 2Stallions, we help businesses thrive in the digital age.

19. ENCE Marketing Group

ENCE marketing group logo CC: ENCE marketing group official web

ENCE provides guaranteed ROI for clients that have a tighter budget for digital marketing. This agency amplifies their strength through actions and success stories. Some of the partnered brands include Suntec Real Estate, Adidas, Unilever, Bose, and more. Find full-stacked services from influencer marketing, SMM to media relations.

20. Ant Team Social Media Marketing

ant team digital marketing agency singapore

Established with over 30 years of experience, the Ant Team evolved from traditional marketing to fully accredited digital and social media marketing agencies in Singapore and internationally. Find comprehensive digital marketing approaches from Facebook Marketing, Youtube Ads, to SEO. Strengthen your position with a long-lasting brand impression with the Ant Team.

Road to Choosing The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore

In order to first sell a product, first, make an impression and to gain trust from the public. That’s exactly how you gain a competitive advantage through digital marketing. With these curated agencies, building a business is less daunting and isn’t as complicated as before. All you need is some who truly understand your needs and comply to make the biggest impact.

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