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How Aspire's Credit Solution Helped This Financial API Platform Achieve 50 Million Transactions

Published on
July 5, 2022
— Aspire Journey
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Jakob Rost, Chiragh Kirpalani, Adi Vora
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Choosing Aspire as their ideal partner in business finance has given the Ayoconnect team easy access to working capital to support their growing customer base of over 1,000 clients across the globe.


In just five years, Ayoconnect has grown to become Indonesia’s largest application programming interface (API) platform. The company’s goal is to build an underlying infrastructure that enables seamless interactivity between stakeholders, enabling product managers and developers to launch financial white-label products to their end-users in a quick and easy manner.


With a predominantly offline financial technology infrastructure in Indonesia along with an increased working capital gap, Ayoconnect took matters into its own hands and created a solution that would tackle this growing problem. But fast-growing companies like theirs still needed that extra financial push that will enable them to continue building their solutions and meeting the expectations of their customers.

"Building a technology infrastructure that solves our customer’s problems reliably and allows us to scale quickly takes a lot of resources. As a fast-growing company, we experienced a working capital gap that can be solved by working with Aspire."
Jakob Rost
CEO and Co-Founder of Ayoconnect


Aspire's credit solution played a major role in solving this growing problem. Unlike traditional financing options, transparent and flexible repayment plans together with reasonable interest rates as low as 1% per month have helped Ayoconnect immensely with inventory financing.

On top of the swift 48-hour approval rate for standard applications, it only requires simple paperwork and a completely online application process. It’s digital and painless, just as it should be for thriving startup founders.

"By adopting Aspire's solution, our company gets to grow without giving up equity. The customizable solutions are well-built to scale revenue-generating tech companies so wedo not need to worry about the outdated system."
Jakob Rost
CEO and Co-Founder of Ayoconnect

We don’t just provide credit solutions. Since each startup is different, we take the time to understand your growing needs and create customised solutions based on your specific business model. Adaptive business owners want financing solutions that are just as flexible as the way they operate.


By choosing Aspire as their business financing partner, the Ayoconnect team were able to close the working capital gap, reduce cash flow constraints, and grow the turnover volume by leveraging their access to capital — ultimately eliminating the traditional barriers to accessing credit for startups.

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