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How Pinhome has revolutionised Real Estate Purchasing, powered by Aspire’s Multi-Currency Cards

Published on
February 22, 2023
— Aspire Journey
saved per year
$ 75,500.00
saved per year
Before Aspire
  • Traditional corporate cards with limited caps based on Central Bank Regulation
  • Stuck paying hefty FX fees and markups on their existing credit lines, leading to lost opportunity cost and hampering Pinhome's true potential
After Aspire
  • With Aspire's Advance Cards, merchant locks features and budget controls, Pinhome now has access to a flexible, highly visible, and controllable interest free line of credit that they can leverage for growth initiatives without negatively impacting their bottom line
  • With Pinhome now able to issue corporate cards in multiple currencies, they can now make payments directly in their required currency, almost entirely eliminating FX fees
Company Size
Dayu Dara Permata
Online Merchants
Case study focus
Expense Management

The Company: A Next Generation Employment Platform

Founded in 2020 by Dayu Dara Permata, Pinhome has very quickly established itself as a forward thinking, cutting-edge real-estate platform. Their mission to remove barriers that buyers and owners often experience has led them to leverage the latest technology in managing this platform. This ensures any property sale, purchase or rental transactions through their portal is not just hassle-free, but efficient and transparent as well.

The Challenges: Accelerating Growth Capital

In order to maintain their rapid growth in the region, Pinhome needed to ensure that their internal finance processes were agile enough to support their scaling needs. This meant allowing their employees to make smart, controlled decisions and building lean processes that would help their team focus on priorities that make maximum impact on the business. While this was already possible in most aspects of the business, they had so far fallen short when it came to managing flexible capital. 

#1 Difficulty Maximising Growth Capital with Their Existing Corporate Cards

Rapidly scaling companies like Pinhome need flexible capital to grow their pipeline of clients and expenses. With the ultimate goal of expanding their platform on a national scale, Pinhome would need as much flexibility as possible to drive their top line growth. However, their existing corporate cards were not fully optimised for their needs, leading to some key challenges:

  • Every card issued to Pinhome came with many hidden charges, additional fees, and high interest rates on credit, which severely hampered their liquidity and deterred Pinhome from issuing more corporate cards. 
  • Their finance controllers had difficulty exercising control over each individual card spend, being unable to set spend or credit limits to each card. 
  • Troubleshooting issues with each card was a cumbersome and time-consuming affair as their card provider was often slow to respond. 
"For tech companies like ours, we need flexible and tailored solutions that help us drive growth and provide us the most benefit possible."

#2 High FX Fees

Like most traditional credit lines, Pinhome’s existing lines of credit were issued to them in a single currency, with their provider charging steep markup fees on FX transactions. As a company heavily reliant on SaaS platforms that charge for subscription in USD, keeping FX expenditure in check is vital to ensure flexible capital. This opportunity cost meant Pinhome was not achieving a growth rate close to its full potential

The Pinhome Team team at the S8R Social Run in November 2021

The Solution: Corporate Advance Cards, Tailored for a tech-focused HR Platform

Since their launch in 2020, Pinhome has quickly become a force in Real estate, rapidly scaling to become a well respected name and sharing their vision of accessibility and financial inclusion with the rest of the nation. However, their constantly evolving platform  they were building did not align with their traditional finance processes. As a growing company, they needed more flexibility, visibility and control. 

This was when they turned to Aspire’s Advance Cards.

#1 Flexible Capital with Aspire’s Advance Cards 

With Aspire’s help, Pinhome can now instantly issue Aspire’s multi-functional Advance cards to as many employees as necessary without any additional fees or overheads. These advance cards come with comprehensive spend limit controls, merchant locks, real time visibility, and limits that scale with Pinhome’s monthly revenue. These cards:

  • Allow Pinhome to delegate purchasing power directly to their employees with clearly defined, automated and secure workflows for spend authorisation 
  • Provide an interest free credit line that minimally impacts their bottom line, boosts their cash flow, and allows them to focus on strengthening their revenue growth streams. 

#2 Saving on FX Fees 

By issuing Aspire Advance cards in multiple currencies, Pinhome is now able to pay their SaaS vendors and other partners directly in USD, thus avoiding paying high FX markups or conversion fees. This has opened up a previously under-utilised cost-saving opportunity that Pinhome now rededicates towards the growth and expansion of their digital platform. 

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