Together with Aspire, Protus Group help SMEs streamlined their finances

Published on
April 26, 2024

Benefits of partnering with Aspire:

  • Help Protus Group SMEs clients with all-in-one financial solutions
  • Aspire’s expense management solution can solve their clients financial issues
  • Aspire’s streamlined finance offering can increase client satisfaction for Protus Group

About Protus Group: Professional supply chain financial services company

Protus Group is a leading professional supply chain financial services organization, headquartered in Singapore, is known for its industry experience and successful project operation team. In the corporate finance business , Protus Group focuses on corporate financing, corporate listings and private wealth management. In the past, the team of Protus Group has operated supply chain financing, credit conversion financing and corporate listing financing.

Protus Group business covers Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries, forming an extensive market network. The company's multinational business enables them to provide professional supply chain financial services to customers in different regions to meet their diverse financial management needs. 

The Challenges: Protus Group SME clients’ cash flow hurdles

Efficient cash flow management is the lifeblood of any business, but especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Unlike larger corporations, SMEs often have tighter margins and fewer resources dedicated to financial tasks. This can lead to a number of challenges that hinder their ability to manage cash flow effectively.

Cash mismanagement can manifest in several ways.  For instance, businesses may struggle to collect payments from customers on time, creating a cash flow gap.  Additionally, a lack of clear expense tracking can lead to overspending, further straining their financial resources. These issues can have a domino effect, making it difficult to meet payroll deadlines, pay suppliers on time, or invest in critical growth opportunities.  Ultimately, inefficient cash flow management can threaten the very survival of an SME.

The Solution: Aspire user-friendly expense management features for SMEs

Aspire tackles the cash flow challenges faced by SMEs head-on with a suite of user-friendly financial tools. Firstly, Aspire eliminates the hassle of managing recurring payments. Their interface simplifies the setup process, ensuring timely payments to vendors and streamlined cash flow. This translates into a significant improvement for companies, allowing them to focus their resources on core business activities.

Secondly, Aspire prioritizes security with virtual cards.  Traditional expense management often relies on physical cards, which are vulnerable to loss or theft.  Aspire's virtual cards eliminate this risk entirely. They can be easily created, assigned spending limits, and deactivated as needed, providing a secure and controlled way to manage company expenses.

Finally, Aspire goes beyond simple payments.  It allows for the direct payment of miscellaneous online expenses, streamlining the entire expense management process.  Additionally, Aspire empowers employees to submit claims on the go, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork. This fosters improved work efficiency and saves valuable time for both employees and finance teams.

“Our experience with brick-and-mortar banks and other platforms highlighted significant inefficiencies in payment processing, often consuming excessive time due to cumbersome multi-account verifications. Aspire stands out with its intuitive interface with its comprehensive suite of solutions, providing a seamless experience that allows for swift payments and ultimately enhancing overall efficiency in our operations.”
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