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No surprises or hidden fees. Aspire uses the mid-market rate with a low, upfront, and transparent fee.


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With Aspire integrated with Transferwise, you'll always get mid-market exchange rates, with low transparent fees.
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Transparent and fair

No surprises or hidden fees. Aspire uses the mid-market rate, and shows a clear, upfront fee every time you pay.

Fast and in real-time

Complete international transfers in hours, not days. Track your payment every step of the way.

Transact in 50+ currency

Doing business anywhere you want. With Transferwise, we cover all major corridors.

Commonly asked questions

What is an Aspire Account?

The Aspire Account is a business account that allows you to send and receive money for your business operations.

Is Aspire regulated by MAS?

Aspire FT Pte. Ltd. is currently exempted from holding a licence to provide payment services under the Payment Services Act (No. 2 of 2019). You can find the list of exempted entities here.

Who is eligible for an Aspire Account?

All entities registered in Singapore with ACRA are eligible to apply.

The applicant must be the director of the business.

The director does not need to be a Singapore citizen, so foreigners are eligible to apply as long as their entity is registered in Singapore with ACRA.

How long will it take for my account to be approved?

Accounts with all required documentation are approved within 1 working hour. Upon approval, ou will be able to use your account and card to transact immediately.

What are the fees involved in an international transfer?

International transfers usually have a rate markup and a transfer fee. At Aspire, we use the mid-market rate with no markup, and present a clear, upfront fee prior to the confirmation of your payment. 3rd party research has shown our fees to be up to 7x cheaper than banks.

What are the fees involved for opening an Aspire Account?

Opening an Aspire Business Account is completely free. There are no monthly, fall-below, or hidden fees. We take a transparent approach towards transaction pricing, which you can view here.

How is the money in my account secured?

Your funds are kept strictly segregated in a trust account with a tier-1 partner bank which is safeguarded.

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Your data is stored and protected behind multiple layers of authentication. Accounts are enabled with two factor authentication for added security.

Security is at our core

We implement the highest digital security encryption and access protocols. Customer privacy is central to our build and we never share your data.

Customer service is our priority

We’re here to help in whichever format you prefer. Search our FAQs, chat, call, or email us directly.

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