Never lose sight of your SaaS subscriptions ever again

Great teams need great tools. Maintain complete visibility and control over all your subscriptions to avoid forgotten recurring payments, missed cancellation dates, and duplicate subscriptions.
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The easiest way to manage recurring subscriptions


Track all tools and payments

Always know what you have and what you’re paying for. Easily manage and cancel subscriptions when you want to.

Stay in budget

Set vendor specific spending limits to avoid costly surprises for subscriptions with dynamic pricing.

Spend Securely

Protect your organisation from fraud by issuing unique, virtual cards for each subscription. Never share a card again.

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Aspire vs Spenmo

Issue unique virtual cards for each subscription

  • Let your teams request for new tools in just a few clicks.
  • Create new card details for each platform or subscription payment.
  • Easily collect platform receipts for recurring payments  from the respective owners. Track and store all approvals and receipts in one place.
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Manage all your subscriptions in one place

  • Create enforceable spend policies via budgets and spending limits for different programs. Applicable to all card spend, reimbursements and payments.
  • Customise approval policies to let local department heads and managers approve spending within their own teams and offices.
  • Enforce company-wide compliance without the dreaded receipt chasing with automated reminders.
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Stay on top of your SaaS spending

  • Gain complete visibility over subscription spending by department, team, or expense type.
  • Monitor fast growing pay-as-you-go subscriptions like AWS, Notion, and Slack. Set platform-specific spend limits to avoid overspending and sudden subscription fee hikes.

Enjoy 1% cash back on the world’s most popular SaaS tools

  • Get 1% uncapped cash back on online marketing and SaaS tools. Reduce your bottom line & get rewarded.
  • SaaS tools like Hubspot, Intercom, Freshworks, Mailchimp and more are included in the cash back programme.
  • The more you spend with your Aspire card, the more you save.

E-commerce & business logistics spends

Pay using Aspire cashback cards for e-commerce and business logistic related spends to support your business operations, including AliExpress, DHL, Ezy2Ship, Lalamove, Ninjavan and more to save as you spend and grow your business.
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How NodeFlair stayed on top of subscriptions, recurring payments and company spends as they scaled.

Aspire has enabled us to scale faster, empower our teams and focus on our growth. We have issued over 40 cards for our 10 employees. If we hadn’t introduced automation and integration when we did, it would have become a bigger problem today and significantly slowed us down.
Adrian Goh
Co-founder of NodeFlair

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