Business Finance is better with Multi-User Access

November 11, 2021
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We all know what it’s like when it comes to typical business finance accounts. When founders are the only ones with access to company funds, finance teams will have to submit claims for approval, which can be a long-winded and even disruptive back-and-forth process. Other business owners may consider sharing their login details with their team members to handle the expenses. But sharing such confidential information surely comes with a risk. 

There’s a ton of work involved when it comes to managing the inflow and outflow of money, and this process is typically shouldered solely by founders. As you scale and rapidly grow your business, it’s time to delegate some of the work to your team—with multi-user access. 

Save time and scale faster, with multi-user access 

In today’s day and age, seamless collaboration and team access are more important than ever, especially with remote work. Many software providers across the globe are already offering advanced user permission settings to facilitate better business collaboration and real-time visibility of financial data across various departments from marketing to tech. 

Here at Aspire, we’re all about powering up teamwork for business finance. 

How does multi-user access work? 

The multi-user access feature grants key team members access to your company’s finance account. Yes, that means saying goodbye to manual paper expenses for good. 

Depending on the assigned user role and permission access granted, these users can perform essential financial tasks such as making a transfer from your business account, using an issued corporate card with a spending limit, or submitting a transfer for approval. 

The idea behind this feature is to help business owners share the load of manual finance tasks that’s on their plate daily, with people on the team whom they trust. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how it works. 

1. Set up your team digitally 

Add your team to your Aspire business account in just a few clicks, in a matter of minutes. With dedicated cards and unique employee logins, your finance team and key employees team can access your business account and delegate finance activities with ease. 

2. Assign specific access roles 

To give you peace of mind, we’ve created user roles with just the right level of user access. 

  • Admin: This role is made for founders and business partners; anyone in top-level management. Admins will have full access to the account including the ability to add or remove users. 

  • Finance: Suitable for finance teams, key executives, and middle management employees. Finance users will be able to view the company’s card balance and be granted varying transfer permissions such as ‘Transfer without limits’, ‘Submit for approval’, or ‘No transfer rights’. 

  • Card-only: Ideal for team members or operational employees. Card-only users will only be granted access to their issued Aspire card and will not be able to view your account balance. 

Even with different levels of access, you’ll still be in control of your business finances. 

3. Make business transactions wherever, whenever 

No more manual claims processing and reimbursement receipts. Perform multiple transfers and approve pending transactions on the go with the maker-checker workflow. 

Whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, executives and employees can easily submit a transfer with their desired amount, which can also be approved by admin users without a hitch. Designed for modern entrepreneurs just like you.  

4. Issue unlimited virtual cards 

Regardless if you have a humble team of 10 or a whopping 100 employees, you can issue unlimited Aspire corporate cards for free. When you empower team members with their own cards, they no longer have to pay business expenses out of pocket, increasing compliance among your staff. 

On the other hand, it streamlines expense management across all departments and increases real-time visibility on your company spend. A win-win situation for both your employees and your business. 

Manage your business finance with ease 

Sharing account access can be a daunting process for new startups, but it doesn’t have to be. When you open an account with Aspire today, you can gain access to the multi-user access feature and more where you’ll discover that business finance is better, together. 

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