How to Set Up Shopify Store: 6 Simple Steps

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July 14, 2020
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Zachary Pestana
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How to Set Up Shopify Store: 6 Simple Steps
Step-by-step tutorial on How To Set Up Shopify Store for business owners looking towards simple and easy-to-use e-commerce platform.
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Looking to build your own online store in a simple and affordable e-commerce platform? We might have something for you! Shopify is an e-commerce online service that has all the features you need to set up an online store. Shopify manages everything from secure checkout payments to shipping. Sounds like the e-commerce platform you need? Read on to find out how to set up Shopify store.

How Shopify Platform Works

Shopify is suitable for beginners and for people who don't want to hire a developer or spend too much time with development. You can sell anything and however many products you want on the platform. Basically, if its a physical product, digital product, drop-ship product or service that is socially acceptable and not illegal to sell online. However, Shopify prohibits you to sell pharmaceuticals, supplements, gambling-related products, marijuana, alcohol or adult content. See their terms of services for more questions on what you are limited in sell on the platformShopify charges you a monthly fee to use the platform and all the provided tools. You can simply start by choosing a template, upload your products and start running your business online! The plans are shown as below:

Simple and Affordable e-commerce platform plans
Learn more about pricing here

Steps to Set Up Shopify Store

Set Up Your Shopify Store

1. Sign Up with Shopify

Once you click on the "Start Free Trial" button, you will be directed to the page below:

Sign up for Shopify to start selling

2. About Yourself

Here, you will be asked whether you are already selling, want to start selling or just messing around with the Shopify platform to see if it fits your needs.

Guide to build an online store with Shopify

3. Your Address

Shopify will need your address to calculate the shipping and as a return address on shipping labels. However, this won't be a concern if you are dropshipping as your suppliers will take care of shipping the product to customers.

Why Shopify ask for address

4. Start Selling

Yep, that's all you need to sign up with Shopify! After filling in all the necessary details, they will bring you to your home page where you can start uploading your products, start selling and manage your orders.

Simple and affordable e-commerce platform for your online sellers
a. Upload Your Products

Give your product the title and description that will fully describe what you are selling. These are 8 tips from the expert to write a product description that sells:

  1. Know who your target audience is
  2. Focus on the product benefits
  3. Tell the full story
  4. Use natural language and tone
  5. Use power words
  6. Make it easy to scan
  7. Optimize for search engines
  8. Use good product images
Step 1 to Set Up Your Shopify Store: Add products
b. Images

Lazada ex-CMO and EVP once mentioned in one of our blogs: How to Prepare for 11.11: Tips from Former Lazada Executives, that it is highly recommended to provide 5 pictures on each listed item. In the future, besides images, good reviews will also help to increase the chances of getting items sold.

Step 2 to start selling in Shopify: Upload images
c. Pricing

There are a couple of things to consider when pricing your products, which includes the production costs and finding out the price from your competitors.

Step 3 to Set Up Your Shopify Store: Add pricing
d. Inventory

During certain seasons of the year, it is important to stock up more inventories as sales are expected to rise. For example, during 9.9 (9 September) and 11.11 (11 November) as they are reputable for the biggest online shopping days.

Step 4 to Set Up Your Shopify Store: : Update inventories
e. Shipping

Shopify has comprehensive shipping features. It tracks every part of your order, so you dont have to manually copy and paste the address. Moreover, you can print labels from your phone or computer.

Step 5 to Set Up Your Shopify Store: Choose shipping methods

5. Add a Theme

After you finish uploading your products, it's time to make your store looks good! If you go back to your home page, you will see an option to customise theme as follows:

E-commerce platform with free themes to customize
It could not get any simpler, customizing your website theme for free

Don't worry, a good looking website does not have to cost you at all. Shopify offers free themes for your website. First impression rule matters here! A good website should be able to tell your business' story, describes your brand, and draw customers in. It should be easier for customers to find the information they want to know before making a purchase decision.

E-commerce platform with free themes
Range of theme options for you to choose

6. Set Up Your Domain

Go back to your home page and click on "Add Domain". Choose the domain you like and walk through the steps to make the purchase. Upon activation, you can then go to that particular domain and see your website.

Set up your business' domain

You're All Set!

After following all those steps, you are ready to run your store online! Even better, we have provided you with 6 Tips to Grow Your Business Globally with Shopify Apps. Free trail with Shopify here.If you already have a Shopify account and looking for additional funding to grow your business, invest in new advertisements, bring in more people to your team, or to stock-up inventories, Aspire is here to guide you! When you sign up for a credit line with Aspire, you can integrate your Shopify store and get special treatments. You can save time and submit less documents with higher chance of getting your application approved!At Aspire, we envision a world where business owners have fast and simple access to the funding they need to grow. That’s why we’re on a mission to re-invent banking for SMEs across Southeast Asia. Our current product provides SME and startup owners in Singapore with financial flexibility through a line of credit of up to S$150k. Which, can also be used to make business payments to enjoy 60 days free credit terms. With no monthly fees or obligations to withdraw, you only pay interest on the amount you end up using. Opening an account is free and can be done online here.

Unlock a credit line up to $150k with Aspire Today
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