The Different Types of DBS Corporate Cards

September 14, 2020

DBS sure doesn’t disappoint with its corporate card offerings. As the largest bank in Singapore, DBS provides a host of corporate financial products. This includes DBS corporate cards suited for both SMEs and MNCs. 

Picking the right corporate card can open a whole new world of discounts and privileges to your company. This could range from food and entertainment perks, to saving on travel. 

What are the different types of DBS corporate cards? 

There are a host of DBS commercial corporate cards to choose from. But we’ve chosen to break down the best DBS corporate cards for SMEs to help you make a decision. These include: 

Comparing the different DBS Corporate Cards 

1. DBS Visa Platinum Business Card 

DBS Visa Platinum Business Card

Let’s start off with annual card fees. The DBS Visa Platinum Business Card costs S$192.60 a year, pretty decent for the benefits it offers. 

Consolidate your recurring bill payments and extend credit terms easily with the DBS Visa Platinum Business Card, streamlining your finances. 

This DBS corporate card offers one of the better cash rebate rates in the industry. Standing at 0.4%, this card is suitable for SMEs looking for a way to maximise their earnings, without having to supplement their annual fees for nonessential privileges. 

The DBS Visa Platinum Business Card also offers complimentary travel accident insurance for cardholders (up to S$1 million), and free annual coverage of employee misuse. 

Verdict: With a low annual fee, plenty of benefits and a high cash back rate, this DBS corporate card is one of the more popular corporate cards in Singapore amongst SMEs. However, do note that to qualify for this card, your income has to be above S$30,000. 

2. DBS World Business Card 

DBS World Business Card

Don’t worry jet-setters, we haven’t forgotten about you. The DBS World Business Card is a swanky corporate option, catered to frequent fliers.

If you’re looking for a host of travel perks, a great spread of rewards and cash rebates, this might be the card for you. Holders of the DBS World Business Card can enjoy: 

  • 2% cash rebate on all overseas spending 
  • 1% cash rebate on local dining, travel, and entertainment 
  • 0.3% cash rebate on all other transactions

This is on top of business travel perks such as complimentary accident insurance coverage, and 10 complimentary lounge visits and priority passes annually, to over 1,000 airport lounges. With the DBS World Business Card, you’ll be zipping across the globe in style. 

Card Holders also have access to DBS’s Recurring Bill Payment service—great for those who enjoy convenience. 

Verdict: If you’re constantly travelling for business, the DBS World Business Card is perfect for you. Enjoy a multitude of perks and get the best bang for your buck with the high rewards. 

However, this card might not be the most affordable. It has an annual fee of S$406.60, which is more than double the amount of the DBS Visa Platinum Business Card. You’ll also be required to have an annual income of S$80,000 and above to be eligible to apply. 

3. DBS Corporate Charge Card 

Similar to the previous DBS corporate cards, the DBS Corporate Charge Card offers complimentary travel accident and corporate liability insurance. The corporate card program is manageable, allowing you to set a spending limit or block a card with ease.

The DBS Corporate Charge Card enables access to DBS’ 24/7 online reporting tool, allowing businesses to track and manage employee spending. 

Verdict: The DBS Corporate Charge Card is a good pick for larger companies. It also has no annual fees! One thing to take note of is the age requirement of 21 years and above to apply.

What if I’m looking for an alternative? 

Well, how about a card with no application fees, no annual fees, and the lowest FX rates across Singapore? 

Try the Aspire Corporate Card

Here’s a table comparing the Aspire Corporate Card with DBS’ corporate cards: 

comparing the Aspire Corporate Card with DBS’ corporate cards

The Aspire Corporate Card is a virtual debit card that is linked to your Aspire Business Account. 

Cardholders enjoy ultra low FX fees, S$50k worth of exclusive perks, and 1% cashback on online marketing and SaaS spend on the best marketing merchants.

Spend less and get more. Find out more about the Aspire Corporate Card.

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