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How Maneuver Marketing Scaled Their Operations, Powered by Aspire’s Corporate Cards

Published on
September 19, 2023
Maneuver Marketing
— Aspire Journey
saved per year
saved per year
Before Aspire
  • Limited number of traditional corporate cards, with limited caps based on banking regulations
  • Paid hefty FX fees and markups on existing credit lines, leading to opportunity costs that affected business growth

After Aspire
  • With Aspire's Advance Cards, Maneuver Marketing has access to flexible capital for their business' and clients' growth without negatively impacting their bottom line.
  • By issuing cards in multiple currencies, Maneuver Marketing almost entirely eliminates FX fees by making subscription payments directly in local currencies.
Maneuver Marketing
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Sant Qiu
Online Merchants
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Expense Management

The Company: A Next Generation Brand Builder

In 2018 Sant Qiu and a few young team members started the ecommerce division of Maneuver Marketing that aimed to build and scale its own ecommerce brands. In just four years, they grew from 0 to over $100 million in revenue without any external funding by being highly adaptable, learning and iterating quickly. They continue to be in hypergrowth, growing their brands and expanding their team rapidly.

The Challenges: Lack of Flexible Capital

Maneuver Marketing wanted to keep growing quickly, so they needed to make their finance processes more agile. This meant giving employees more freedom to make decisions, and creating processes that were focused on the most important things. However, they found that their processes for managing flexible capital were not strong enough.

#1 Time Consuming to Manage Client Payments 

Maneuver Marketing uses a lot of marketing tools, software, and services that they pay for on a recurring basis. The finance team had to set up each payment manually, which involved getting receipts and approvals, and configuring payments through different payment platforms. This was a lot of work that took up time and resources. The company's bank also charged a fee for FAST payments, which added to the costs.

#2 Difficulty Controlling Spend

Maneuver Marketing used lines of credit in a single currency, which meant they had to pay high fees when they converted currencies. The company used many SaaS platforms that charged in USD, so they knew they needed to manage their FX costs to keep their capital flexible. Currency conversion costs were also a major obstacle to their growth.

The Solution: Aspire’s Corporate Advance Cards

Since their launch in 2018, Maneuver Marketing has built reputable ecommerce brands. To continue growing their brand awareness and business, they needed a simpler, more secure platform and user experience in their finance function. 

This was when they turned to Aspire.

#1 Flexible Capital with Aspire’s Advance Cards 

With Aspire’s help, Maneuver Marketing can now instantly issue Aspire’s multi-functional Advance cards to as many employees as necessary without any additional fees or overheads. These Advance cards come with comprehensive spend limit controls, merchant locks, real-time visibility, and limits that scale with Maneuver Marketing’s monthly revenue. These cards:

  • Allow Maneuver Marketing to delegate purchasing power directly to their employees with clearly defined, automated and secure workflows for spend authorisation 
  • Provide an interest free credit line that minimally impacts their bottom line, boosts their cash flow, and allows them to focus on strengthening their revenue growth streams. 

#2 Saving on FX Fees and Cashback

By issuing Aspire Advance cards in multiple currencies, Maneuver Marketing now pays their SaaS vendors and partners directly in USD, avoiding high FX markups or conversion fees. They now re-dedicate the cost-savings to supporting their clients’ growth.

Additionally, Maneuver Marketing has unlocked a new stream of cost savings: enjoying cashback on SaaS subscriptions and digital ad expenditure. 

“Maneuver Marketing found a reliable partner in Aspire — their intuitive finance solutions provided us with high functionality and streamlined our finance processes. Aspire is also highly customer-oriented, taking feedback seriously and continuously improving its platform based on customer needs. Their commitment to providing excellent service has made a significant difference in our financial operations, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.”
Sant Qiu
Managing Director at Maneuver Marketing
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