Acceptable Use Policy

Last updated on 1 July 2020

This list reflects the products and services for which Aspire’s services may not be used for, or for which may only

be used in circumstances expressly agreed upon in writing by Aspire.

Should Aspire agree to provide its services for a particular product or service, this does not mean that Aspire is

providing advice or opinion on the legality of the products or services.  

Prohibited Activities

You may not use Aspire services for activities that:

1. violate any law, statute, ordinance, rule or regulation.

2. relate to transactions involving, but not necessarily limited to (a) narcotics, steroids, certain controlled

substances or other products that present a risk to consumer safety, (b) drug paraphernalia, (c) cigarettes,

(d)  items  that  encourage,  promote,  facilitate  or  instruct  others  to  engage  in  illegal  activity,  (e)  stolen

goods including digital and virtual goods, (f) the promotion of hate, violence, racial or other forms of

intolerance that is discriminatory or the financial exploitation of a crime, (g) items that are considered

obscene, (h) items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy or any

other  proprietary  right  under  the  laws  of  any  jurisdiction,  (i)  certain  sexually  oriented  materials  or

services, including escort agencies / massage parlours / sexual services, adult entertainment websites and

content (j) ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories, or (k) certain weapons or knives

regulated under applicable law.

3. relate to transactions that (a) show third parties’ personal information in violation of applicable law, (b)

support pyramid or ponzi schemes, matrix programs, other multi-level marketing programs or schemes

of similar description, (c) are associated with purchases of lottery contracts, off-shore banking or similar

transactions, (d) are for the sale of certain items before the seller has control or possession of the item,  

or (e) involve offering or receiving payments for the purpose of bribery or corruption.

4. involve  the  sales  of  products  or  services  identified  as  likely  being  fraudulent  by  the  Singapore


Activities Requiring Approval

Aspire requires pre-approval to accept payments for certain services as detailed below. Please send the contact

information,  business  website  link  and  brief  business  summary  of  any  activities  requiring  pre-approval  to for pre-approval purposes. Aspire may withhold or revoke its approval at any time where it

finds this to pose a risk to Aspire’s business and/or reputation:

1. Games  where  participants  receive  cash  or  cash  equivalents  or  prizes  with/of  material  value.  (e.g.

electronics, travel, gift cards etc.)

2. Auctions, Bidding fee auctions (a/k/a penny auctions)

3. Paying fines or penalties of any kind

4. Charities

5. Security  brokers  &  Investments  of  any  kind,  like  purchase  of  securities,  currencies,  derivatives,

commodities, shares, foreign currencies, options, other financial instruments or precious metals

6. Products or services related to political or social campaigning

7. Business service companies, such as payroll services, invoicing services and consumer services.

8. Chain letters

9. Collection agencies or firms involved in recovering/collecting past due receivables

10. Credit repair/restoration or card protection (including identity theft protection)

11. Debt consolidation and mortgage reduction/consulting services

12. Door-to-Door sales

13. Embassy, Foreign Consulate, or Other Foreign Government

14. Merchants utilizing tactics to evade Card Brand excessive chargeback monitoring programs

15. Tobacco & Alcohol product, Businesses selling age or legally restricted products or services (including


16. Prescription medicines and pharmaceuticals, including prescription medical devices (like contact lenses).

17. Pseudo pharmaceuticals marketed via-unsubstantiated and/or unlawful health or medical claims.

18. Services associated with pseudo-science (e.g., clairvoyance, horoscopes, fortune telling, etc.)