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Globevisa Consultant Pte Ltd

We forward citizenship planning. Globevisa provides services on immigration programs of more than 30 countries. From residence permit to permanent residency, and then finally gets down to citizenship, Globevisa is always at clients’ service whilst acquiring status. We guide on wealth management. Existing programs facilitating wealth management range over company registration, account opening, and private banking. We not only try to meet the needs of high-net-worth individuals, but also help achieve the goals of SME owners. We help to relocate and strengthen family well-being. With the efforts of staff in offices located in different countries, we also enable families to reunite and settle down smoothly by providing warm reception and utmost assistance in family reunification. We assist in the application for temporary visas. Even though clients only want to go for a business trip or a short journey, we can also give full support in document preparation and application submission, with ensured success rate and efficiency. In the past decade, we have been acting as the gateway to the world and giving clients the prospect for a new life.
With the dedication of our experienced document preparation teams, eminent program development experts, senior immigration lawyers, and previous immigration officials, we have maintained a high market share in the industry and a high success rate of application. The world is broad and wide, and there is a long journey waiting to be explored. We will make the most of the complementary efforts and strive to provide clients with wide possibilities. Immigrate with Globevisa, pick a country you can call it home.

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