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Osome, a  three-year-old super-app that digitizes accounting and compliance services  for SMEs, has raised $16M in a Series A funding from a group of investors  including Target Global, AltaIR Capital, Phystech Ventures, S16VC, and Peng  T. Ong, who joined as an angel investor.    

Osomes core offering is online accounting services for SMEs. Accountants  take over businesses documents and convert them into actionable numbers,  tax filings and reports, making accounting and bookkeeping services for all  entrepreneurs simple. The company also helps with business set-up and  provides corporate secretary services. Osome checks compliance, tracks  deadlines, files documents, and answers questions in a chat at any time of  the day or week. The platform categorises, tags, and stores any documents you  send to them, so nothing is lost, and then creates management reports, tax  returns and does all necessary filing on time.

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Incorporation, Corporate Secretarial Services, Accounting, Tax, Payroll, Immigration
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Singapore, Hong Kong, UK
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